Team Giants’ Brian Dabol is still trying to spot Daniel Jones

They are the emerging stages of a relationship that may only last until the end of this season and then end, or last for a few more years, or maybe several more years. The connection between a coach and quarterback is vital to the team’s success, and Brian Dabol is slowly and steadily discovering what … Read more

The glaring cause of the sudden undefeated start of the giants

Go behind the scenes with Big Blue Subscribe to Inside the Giants by Paul Schwartz, a weekly exclusive from Sports+. Then there were six. Among them are giants. This teaser, once again on Labor Day, likely elicited groans from fans who braced for another season riding in the non-competing lane. When asked which exclusive club … Read more

What are the Giants still discovering after two strange wins

Do giants win because they are not afraid to lose? This thinking may be too deep for the Monday after game two of the season and could be the basis for the first lecture in the class titled “Overthinking 101.” But there may be something to this. Sure, we all know Early schedule It offered … Read more

The Giants beat the Panthers in their first game 2-0 since 2016

The call was for a naked bootleg, which meant Danielle Jones was going to move to the side knowing he wouldn’t have blockers in front of him. His first read was to try to pass the ball to Sacon Barkley. There were less than two minutes left, and the first loss would seal the deal … Read more

Picks vs spread per match

Brian Dabol deserved to dance with his players after The New York Giants defeated the Tennessee Titans Sunday in his country Debut NFL Coach Coaching. While the game contained some of Big Blue’s familiar weaknesses – a slow start, allowed two laps and five sacks – it also featured two dynamics that could have legs … Read more

Brian Daboul’s culprit shows Daniel Jones Giants’ new treatment

Mike Kafka’s voice in Daniel Jones’ ear may be the one calling the plays, but it was Brian Dabol who gave Jones a hearing after a costly protest last Sunday in Nashville. The Giants coach was caught by television cameras enthusiastically berating Jones on the bench after the quarterback threw a scoring chance when behind … Read more

Giants just prepared themselves for an unexpected scenario

It’s time to play Let’s Get Ahead Of Ourselves. The Giants are 1-0 and have three consecutive home matches against them. They face the Panthers (0-1 with Baker Mayfield), the Cowboys (0-1 and without injury to Dak Prescott for the next six weeks) and then the Bears, 1-0 as surprise winners over the 49ers in … Read more

Titans, Brian Dabol’s first attack test begins with Titans

Nashville, Tenn – Let’s get to the point. This will, more than anything else, be the backdrop this entire season for the Giants. It’s not about transforming the franchise of epic proportions, returning to the football match, or charging a fifth Lombardy Trophy to put the glass behind the team’s elbow. It’s about getting more … Read more

Preview, predictions, what to watch

An inside look at Sunday Giants-titans match first week In Nashville, Tenn. Match Marquee Titans DT Jeffery Simmons against the giants’ inner attacking line This reconstructed group includes Mark Glowinsky in the right guard, John Feliciano in the center and either Ben Brydison or the rookie Josh Izodo in the left guard. Simmons was the … Read more

Only one way to save giants, planes from the wasteland early in the NFL

This has become a sad routine in New York for the past few football seasons. Sunday at 1:00 p.m. Giants fans and Jets fans reluctantly retreat to their matches on Fox and CBS. It has to be said here: This is one of the horrific byproducts of football. Football in New York was so awful … Read more