The biggest takeaway for NBA training camps

NBA players They played basketball with their teams in the NBA This week, most of them are doing so for the first time since their previous seasons ended. While training camp comes with hope for every organization – apparently except for Tottenham Greg Popovich doesn’t think he’d be a good bet for the title—Some pre-season … Read more

Robert Williams’ third injury is a severe blow to the Celtics

Another week, it could have been a bigger story. Robert Williams III is down 8-12 weeks after knee surgery. And how sure are the Celtics that it will be Robert Williams III When does he come back? This week it wasn’t about Williams, of course. It was not about how Jaylen Brown dealt with trade … Read more

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel’s driving style, Dolphins beat the Bills

It was about a month ago, in a conference room near his office in Miami Gardens. New Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel wasn’t just answering a question about others’ doubts about his ability to fill his new role. He has already brought up the topic himself. He’s heard whispers that, shorter and shorter than most NFL … Read more

Jaguar put the AFC contenders on notice after their back-to-back wins

More MMQB: How dolphins survived the bills | Ten tips: Jalen Hurts clears his doubts | Draft Notes: QB Predictor Seat in the first round | 0-3 Raiders may wonder what it might be | MMQB Awards for Best Performance in Week Three The Jaguars’ 38-10 win over the Chargers on Sunday was one of … Read more

Fox addresses accusation of banning Urban Meyer banners at pre-game show

1. The Fox College Football Preliminary Show was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Saturday for the Maryland-Michigan game. Urban Meyer was a hit in Ohio back in the day, making him an unpopular figure in the Wolverine Territory. Due to Mayer’s disastrous stint in the NFL and the fact that he became an online … Read more

The Raiders start winless with McDaniels, looking back at Gruden, Bisaccia

Just mentioning that the Raiders are between 0 and 3 years old right now sounds like an incredibly loaded statement. After losing 24-22 to the Titans, a team that includes Derek Carr, Davante Adams and Max Crosby is buried deep in West Asia breaks. It’s a place we can’t even imagine, with even the wildest … Read more

Robert Sarver’s exit from the NBA reveals the league’s flaws again

For purposes of his public profile, Robert Sarver will soon be reclassified from “NBA Owner” to “former NBA owner, and for that everyone in the league can reasonably be grateful. The Suns, their staff, and the NBA in general would be better off No sexist or bully in the office who engaged in the use … Read more

‘Monday Night Football’ viewers call ESPN about using split screen

1. I had fun last night Monday Night Football A two-for-one special with Titans-Bills starting at 7:15 p.m. ET and Vikings-Eagles starting at 8:30 p.m. ET. I have two TVs, so it was easy to catch both games at once and I didn’t have to stay up until 1am, which would have happened if ESPN … Read more

NBA Levels: Ranking of Western Contenders

with NBA Training Camps Soon, each team will come up with some cliched ideas for how they want to compete for the championship this season. Not so fast! We all know there is a set order in the NBA, and I’m here to tell you exactly what that pecking order is in every conference via … Read more

MMQB’s 10 Meals: The midfielder takes a big step in Year 2

More MMQB: The Ponies no longer blame Carson Wentz | The Dolphins are not defeated without Brady or Payton | Mike McCarthy takes a step towards establishing himself as a Cowboys coach | Best NFL Week 2 Deals I included Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence in the Under-27 list on Twitter last week – he was … Read more