Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Bold Predictions for 2022

new season for Tampa Bay Buccaneers And fans are chomping to see their team once again compete for the ultimate NFL award – the Lombardi Cup. After an injury-ridden past year, injury-filled off-court distraction, and a disappointing nudist departure, the Bucs are in a prime position to represent NFC in the Energy And the second Lombardy win in three years.

Before the year, it’s always fun to personalize a prediction for a player or team just to see if it’s correct. That’s exactly what we’re doing here as the Bucs Nation put together a list of bold predictions for the upcoming season.

Who are you?

Heading the group of in-house replacements for recently re-retired Rob Gronkowski is Harvard man, Cameron Pratt. In his tenure with Tampa, Cam Pratt had an average catch rate of 65 percent while Gronk averaged just over 60 percent during his time with the team. It stands to reason that with a bump in goals, Cameron Pratt will see a spike in production and could do more efficiently than Gronk has been able to achieve in the past two seasons. So, not only will Brate match what Gronk did in 2021 – it will surpass it. – William Walsh

Tampa Bay 3k

This is probably the most stacked WR ever and I think they will produce. The Bucs have also signed RB Leonard Fournette to a big off-season contract and are preparing to use it more as well. That’s why I feel the Bucs offense is going to explode with 3,000 yards and 1,000 reckless yards making it one of the best offenses in NFL history. – James Hill

Flashes of Defense return to Super Bowl LV

Top 3 Defenses in Scoring and Yards…. This is the fourth year of Coach Bulls managing the Bucs Defense. The continuity between the core group of defenders, and the general depth of the defense, leads me to believe they are going to have a great year! The statement “defense wins championships” would be prophetic for the Bucs. – Chris Weingarten

Julie Oh my God…

Julio Jones would finish with eight touchdowns or more. The last time Jones had eight touchdowns was in 2018 in Atlanta. With a depth stack at the receiver, Tom Brady spreading the ball, and Jones being healthy while not the first target, eight or more touchdowns for the veteran is a possibility. – Archia’s generation

It’s not how it starts, it’s how it ends

After a slow start and going 2-2 in the first 4, Brady rebounds and attacking, returning from London 7-3 enters farewell week, and ends the season winning 5 of the last 7 to end up with 12-5 and win the NFC South title. – Just Martez

Legendary Lenny

Leonard Fournette sets his career highs in yards, TDs. When Fortnite came to Tampa a couple of years ago, expectations weren’t quite as high. Well, then came the Super Bowl, RoJo battled the injury, and Playoff Lenny was born. Now here we are today as Fournette enters its third season with a fresh new contract and dominates the start of the business.

He’s improved noticeably across the board since his days in Jacksonville, and he’s ready for his best year yet if he stays healthy. I expect he becomes the first Corsair to dash for 1,000 yards since Doug Martin in 2015. He finished with about 1,300 rushing yards, 500 yards, and 12 total TDs. – Mike Kiwak

Don’t test the brigadier

Jamal Dean leads the Bucs in six interceptions. With a year into the decade, Dean finally got it all together and became a ball hawk to defend the Buccaneers. He has all the physical tools to be a really good corner in the NFL, but he hasn’t found that consistency yet. As it stands, he has five career objections. Count on him to lead the team in picks and get six in 2022, including another one to take home. Oh, by the way, the last hacker corner had six interceptions in one season? Aqib Taleb 2010. – Evan Winch

Ageless wonder

Only three times in his NFL career, Tom Brady hit the 40+ relegation mark – when he threw 50 times in this 2007 undefeated regular season, both seasons as Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady played 40 in 2020 and 43 in 2021. This time, he’ll hit the target to match his age. Tom Brady will throw 45 touchdowns at the age of 45 and finally take home the league’s MVP award he should have earned – if not, both – from the past two seasons. – James Yarshaw

What are your bold expectations for the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below!

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