The 49ers QB Trey Lance haters and doubters are so real

No one has less faith in him – if you believe them – than the glistening Bay Area champions of the past few years.

The Warriors spent their spring match unconvincingly shouting About how no one thought they could win the title again. No matter that the same core has dominated the NBA for most of the past decade, or the most persistent criticism of the franchise by the time of the Finals was that it was actually How I carried 400 million dollars unfairly The list was.

The 2021 Giants had to get a little more creative, reminding everyone after each of their 107 wins They outperformed Every drop system in injury. (We heard quite a bit about PECOTA and Fangraphs this year, like Algorithms were generally dead in predicting regression to mean).

Athletes, even (especially) proven winners, make up men to get mad at them. This is nothing new, even if it is a little annoying. However, Tre Lance will not have to weave a detailed account of the skeptics. Because there is no shortage of people who are comfortable anticipating 49ers QB failure.

Let’s start with the people who feed the inputs into forecasting systems. The bone Optimistic, professional football focus, Lance was named the top 20 player In the league, somewhere between Baker Mayfield and Carson Wentz. The other major forecasts are harsher. Outdoor soccer has San Francisco With the 19 best offensive DVOA in the NFL, which means Lance will burden a console otherwise stacked with game makers. (Football Outsiders also buck the trend and expect a mediocre defense for the Niners, ranking 13th in the DVOA. Adding to that, they have better odds of landing a first-choice than winning the Super Bowl.) Our old friendhas a lance As the second best midfielder on the 49ers and 36th in the league, not only behind Garoppolo but behind them are repeaters such as Brian Hoyer, Nick Mullins and CJ Pittard. (Nate Silver is so high on the rest of the Niners list that it still gives them Fifth best Super Bowl odds.)

Doubting Lance isn’t just a treat for analytics geeks either. The NFL’s top media insider obviously doesn’t believe Kyle Shanahan when he insists he rides with Lance on Jimmy Garoppolo, no matter what. In season preview, Peter King predicted that Lance He wouldn’t make it two months before Garoppolo would replace it as a starter. Thursday, Mike Florio wrote that to Lance on Thin Ice and that Shanahan would not hesitate to sit down. He also helpfully noted that Shanahan’s excuse for not naming Lance a captain was just nonsense. According to Shanahan, Lance ranked seventh in the vote among his teammates, and the coach didn’t want seven captains. But as Florio notes, the Niners have had seven captains in each of the past two years.

The franchise didn’t revolve around gigs about Lance, which is odd for a team with Super Bowl aspirations and a solid roster outside of, you know, where it matters most. Instead, they did roughly the opposite, carefully managing expectations. tight end George Keitel Lance gave a stark endorsement that he’s definitely not terrible, and the team should be able to win anyway if he is. “If it smells bad, I’ll tell you guys it stinks. He didn’t.” Keitel said in July. “We need to do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for Trey,” he added. “While there will be ups and downs, we need to play at a high enough level where if Trey has a game where he throws a bunch of picks, that’s what he is and we’re going to play well enough to win those games.”

Shanahan himself, after his pre-season finale (in which Lance gave more actors than planned), looked like a politician routinely giving an endorsement through his gritty teeth. “I’ve run out of these games,” He said about exhibitionsHe is ready to go as far as he can.

Shanahan, at least, deserves credit for tacitly admitting — by bringing back Garoppolo — that he’s willing to be wrong about Lance. For someone who has invested in cultivating his reputation as one of the NFL’s boy geniuses, sitting on Lance after blowing a draft to get him would be a huge mistake. If that happens, the haters and losers in the NFL will have a winning lap, perhaps the only thing more annoying than an athlete on the “I told you so” tour.