The bills look just like your favorite Super Bowl must-have in a blast of rams

The buffalo bills It was far from perfect on a Thursday night. That’s what should scare the rest of the NFL.

It wouldn’t go well for any other NFL team that plays for the Los Angeles Rams this season, flips four times and doesn’t hit an explosive game for three quarters. Any other team that does this would likely lose. Bills won by 21.

The Bills spent all they hear about being a Super Bowl favourite, and the segment appeared on Thursday night at a A landslide victory 31-10. Josh Allen was a surgeon. He was 26 of 31 for 297 yards. The offensive line was defeated most often by Aaron Donald. He almost never attacked the defense but still had plenty of pressure on Matthew Stafford by rushing into a four. Bills sacked him seven times. The Rams had less than 150 yards in attack in the fourth quarter. Bills outperformed rams 413-243.

On the night the Rams unveiled their championship banner, the Bills looked exactly like the Super Bowl team they should have looked. If it weren’t for a few transformations, it would have been an even bigger demolition. of the reigning heroes. In Los Angeles.

Watch out, NFL. The bills can be special this season.

Buffalo Bills receiver Gabe Davis celebrates after scoring a 26-yard touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams. (Photo by Harry He/Getty Images)

Invoices have a dominant performance

The Bills looked like the dominant team from the first few shots of the game. They just can’t stay out of their own way.

Buffalo flipped it three times in the first half. Isaiah Mackenzie should have made a pass, but let linebacker Terrell Lewis wrestle it away from him to intercept him. Junior running back James Cook flop On his first NFL campaign. And Troy Hill of the Rams did a great play on a pass over the middle for another interception.

This helped keep the rams in the game. beautiful cup cooper landing In the back of the end zone A 57-yard field goal by Matt Gay at the end of the half allowed Los Angeles to go into the first half tied 10-10. The rams had to feel lucky. The Bills were by far the better but they didn’t quit in the first half.

It would have been reasonable for last season’s champions to adapt in the second half and their star squad to look a lot better. Then to start the third quarter, the Rams went three times and the Bills took them right down the field and scored a touchdown. It was clear that the first half would not be much different from the first half and the dam would eventually collapse. Have you ever done that.

The rams couldn’t keep up with the bills

The Rams had a plan for defense and they executed it as they should. It would just be hard to get rid of whatever the bills are doing well.

The Rams played a lot of soft areas, and took the deep game away from Allen. That was fine with Allen, who continued to take what the rams gave him. He completed 23 of his first 26 passes. He didn’t hit anything deep in the field or even tried during three quarters. It was a sign of a mature midfielder who would not lose patience and press. He kept picking up the first touchdown. Allen forced the Rams to run out of patience, and that’s when Bill took over.

Finally, there was a chance to start the fourth quarter, when the rams broke and there was no deep safety help. Gabriel Davis pulled 47 yards on another pattern. Allen finished driving by taking off and running – he did it a lot, receiving a frightening amount of the penalty – and hitting the ball over the goal line when full back Bobby Wagner shot him. This made the score 24-10. It looked like it should have been a lot worse for the rams.

Stafford threw an interception next, Stefon Diggs ran by Jalen Ramsey into the area coverage and Allen fired an arrow for him for a 53-yard drop. The defeat was continuous.

The score probably doesn’t say much about the Rams this season. It loads again and it will be very good. Thursday night’s result was much more about the bills. They were described as Super Bowl favorites all in the offseason. They sounded the part in the season opener.