The first week can get weird

Green Bay Packers football returns on Sunday. Rejoice! Also, I think other teams play too.

After a long time off season where Aaron Rodgerswas in the air (repeatedly), the team lost Davant Adams (Have you heard?!) The special difference is (hope) undergoing a cultural renaissance, we will finally have a field product to analyze.

And this product may sound very strange this Sunday. It’s always a tough time when players beat the favorite team in the league reproducedAnd the Kirk CousinsSunday’s game could be full of dangers. Minnesota has New training staffAnd the crime Packers you’re looking for new identity. There is uncertainty surrounding Green Bay processors and potential Allen Lazard infection.

Mike Zimmer went and Kevin O’Connell In a way, the Vikings thought appointing the former LA Rams offensive coordinator as head coach and pairing him with Mike Petain, the defensive-minded former coach, was a recipe for success. Also, they have a file Defensive Coordinator Fangio Tri Also in Ed Donatel. (Where do they get these ideas from?)

That means the Packers will face a Minnesota squad that is still putting things together. The basic ideas are still familiar to Green Bay employees. But in terms of personnel, both teams have different strengths. The Vikings have a strong receiving legion and a defense that can go either way. The Packers have a progressive defense and one of the best consecutive doubles in the league, but their receiving team has yet to be proven.

Our Wendell Ferreira suggests that the Packers can It relies heavily on the running game To exploit the Minnesota defense and offer a taste of what life could be like without Adams. He writes: “The Vikings have doubts about Kornbeck and are adapting to a new scheme.” “If packs can use 11 people and open the opponent’s defense, they will repeatedly see the lighted chests. Therefore, they will be able to place Jones in open spaces or scheme runs in which Dillon can encounter safe lockers that rotate in the chest.”

Packers will never be a first team with Aaron Rodgers Under the position but you would expect the back field to be more involved this season with the offense adjusted. The LaFleur system is very much based on the running game. We’ll see that more frequently without Adams.

Of course, although there are Aaron Jones And the AJ DillonAl-Hazmoun weren’t great at running the ball last season, thanks to the ever-changing live broadcast of the ball. Even early in the season, the starting streak in the first week looked a lot different than it did at the end of 2020. By the end of 2021, keeping the streak running and running was a major class in depth and scheme.

Entering the first week of the season, that streak is still in flux. We’ve seen multiple lineups at OTAs, training camp, and pre-season as the Packers try to see what works. Green Bay didn’t have a top five together, thanks David Bakhtiari And the Elgton Jenkins Rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament injuries. Most of the transformation was trying to find the optimal formations with both steps, with one or the other, or without both given that any scenario is possible.

On whether No. 69 or No. 74 will take part in the team’s training on Monday, Matt LaFleur said“We’ll see when we get out there. That’s the best answer I can give you.” LaFleur doesn’t make any promises he can’t keep, but he definitely enjoys being shy. He also does not have to file an injury report until Wednesday.

Trying to gauge the condition of both players has been a fool’s errand all season. It made sense to expect Bakhtiari to return first while Jenkins would start the puppy party, but then Jenkins started training first. Now, Jenkins’ position is less certain for the first week.

To score, Bakhtiari participated in the team’s training session on Monday. He said after practice Rob Damofsky from ESPN He can start realistically against the Vikings.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m active [roster] Bakhtiari said.

So with the start of the season just days away, anyone is still guessing who could start up front.

You know what fun anonymously is too: Who will be the primary recipients against the Vikings? with Adams and Marquis Valdes-Scantling Gone, the Lazard looks like a straightforward WR1. But Lazard was the only non-participant during Monday’s training.

Athletic Matt Schneidman reported Lazard looked fine as he was in rehab, but we don’t know what hit him or how severe it was because Matt LaFleur won’t tell us. So I have to speculate like a stupid kid.

We don’t know how severe any potential injury will be, or if there is a chance Lazard will miss the first week. But seeing your default WR1 is less than ideal.

So who will be the main receiver against Minnesota? Sammy Watkins And the Randall Cope He should get a veteran’s nod. If Lazard misses the match, we could see an early dose of Off-season champion Romeo Dobbs. And the LaFleur was optimistic Christian Watson will make his debut on Sunday. If Lazard doesn’t play, just spin the wheel to see who Rodgers’ favorite target will be. My money works Aaron Jones.

Things generally get weird when both Packers and Vikings play, and most Vikings games are generally weird. Both teams are finding new identities, even if Minnesota is just Pesaro Green Bay. The depth of the firmness up front and at the wide receiver is riddled with question marks. It must be fun to watch these competitors try to figure things out at the expense of the other.