The Lakers have the best commercial assets in the NBA, for every executive in the league

The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t been able to make many upgrades to the roster this off-season, as any additions they would have liked to make were hampered by a lack of draft picks and the resources available to Rob Pelinka. The best they can do is sign up for cheap free agents.

After he was unable to Stay away from Russell Westbrook Contracting or trading some of their last draft picks after Anthony Davis’ move, all L.A. did was sign Rehabilitation projects like Lonnie Walker or Cheapest vets like Juan Toscano Anderson We call it today.

The Lakers could try to steal names like Bojan Bogdanovic, Mike Conley and Jordan Clarkson of jazz, but Danny Aing will need to be interested in first-round picks taking half a decade into the future to make something happen. Fortunately, the league appears to be collectively interested in acquiring those picks from Los Angeles.

according to Shaun Devine from, The feeling around the NBA is that the Lakers own two of the most valuable assets in the league thanks to their first-round picks in 2027 and 2029. If the Lakers are serious about competing, those picks will need to be passed on to an influential player.

Will the Lakers make a big deal with their first-round picks?

The Jazz have three players who can help Los Angeles right now. Bogdanovich is a seasoned sniper who will help improve the offensive image in Los Angeles, Clarkson is a ready-made Bucket player with experience playing in Los Angeles and alongside LeBron James, Conley remains a viable goalkeeper.

The Lakers locked James in over the next few years, which means they need to do their best in pursuit of LeBron’s fifth championship circuit. Rob Pelinka should have foreshadowed his aggression early in James’ tenure, but some of his recent moves have left the Lakers trapped.

Davis’ trade made it nearly impossible for the Lakers to swing deals that could empty Westbrook or improve the roster. Given that Los Angeles may be mired in anonymity in play for years to come if a superstar takes a step back, these choices may be more valuable.

The Lakers almost certainly haven’t finished making strides yet, whether they’re trading with Utah or scouring the rumor mill in search of players who are still viable paths. The 2027 and 2029 picks can earn you a pretty big penny in conversations, and Pelinka shouldn’t be fooled when making a move.