The opening week offers Giants fans a rare opportunity to hope

Do yourself a favor on Sunday if the Giants are your soccer team: Enjoy the day. Enjoy the day. Turn on the tap and let your optimism flood your basement. seriously. There will be plenty of time to get tired. There will be plenty of time for cynics and skeptics, plenty of time to wake up, mature, and filter, if that’s the way things are.

Do yourself a favor: Save the nomination.

Save the fatality.

It’s Opening Day, anything can happen, the season is an open book, and the way forward is not predetermined or predetermined. It’s Opening Day and you’re allowed to believe that maybe, just maybe, the giants of one of the magical seasons that just fall from the sky every now and then are destined to be the ones you’ve never seen coming, and who no one’s ever seen come.

On opening day, anything is possible.

Because anything maybe.

So yeah, spend the day gazing through your rose-tinted glasses. Spend the day at Polyana’s place. Unless proven otherwise, you are allowed to believe that this is the year things will take a turn for the good at 1925 Giants Drive.

On Sunday, if there is no other day, you can believe Daniel Jones will define everything, pull everything together, presenting a season that he defines as the future and not just a temporary hiatus. He has a new offense, a new coordinator, a new coach, Brian Dabol, whose arrival has revitalized the entire team. He seems to have turned Jones like no one else.

Brian Dabol, left, and Danielle Jones
Brian Dabol, left, and Danielle Jones
Noah K. Murray New York Post

“He’s always thinking. He’s always thinking of a new way to play this play or a new way to move something or change something or set it up—and that’s always with him,” Jones said of Daboll. In meeting rooms. He is always thinking of coming up with new ideas. It was fun, I learned a lot that way as I learn the system, but also the way he thinks about football, how he sees attacking and prepares us to be successful.”

Maybe on Sunday, if no other day, we’ll see the version of Saquon Barkley that made the entire league electrified when he was a rookie: incredible cuts, incredible speed, the ability to find tiny holes in the line and the power to make huge gains. Is that too much to ask? may be. Today, it seems to be a perfectly adequate request.

“I feel really good,” Barkley said last week. “I’m in a better shape mentally and physically. A full year after the surgery. It’s about to be two years in 20 days, something like that. I’m excited, I’m excited, but the reason I’m so excited is to go out there and start playing football. And start to have some success so I can really stop answering questions about my health.”

fair enough. This is also something to hope for, on this day of all days.

So here it is: a defense that honors the giants’ rich legacy. Do they have the individuals to withdraw it yet? Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t. we will see. They have their curator, Wink Martindale, who comes with a gold resume and a great reputation. Sometimes, this is a good place to start. He was with Tom Landry, once upon a time. He was with Bill Parcells, then Bill Belichick. It was with Steve Spagnolo.

“It’s a defensive culture,” Martindale said. “One thing I can guarantee you: I don’t know how good we will be, but we will run into football, we will deal with people. If we start with that, you have a chance. And I can’t wait. I am very excited about it.”

If it’s good enough for Wink, it should be good enough for you, Sunday of all days. It should sound the same as the new Daboll. The early returns were good, so why aren’t the later returns great? Sunday, of all days, why not hope for it?

“We’re ready,” Daboll said this week. “We’re ready to start this thing, see what we’ve got.”

What will they have? On Monday, we may start thinking clearly again. But right now on Sunday for the opening day? Is there any harm in hope? Is there any downside to dreaming? Sunday of all days.