The packets will bring everything with them

William from Palmdale, California

When will we know when to talk to you in the middle of the week?

You will know now. It’s 11 am

When will Green Bay choose this year’s Leaders?

sometime today. I hope it’s not true at 11am, or I just lied to William because that would make me late to the chat.

Carolina from Olympia, Washington

What’s wrong with Allen Lazard?

Also on today’s schedule, when the first injury report will be released.

Matt from Kolisin, Poland

Hello insiders! Are you feeling hungry inside the team, and the “unfinished” thing in the air around the Lampo Stadium? Do men have a motivation for at least the previous two years? I feel like it was the main plot of the last off season and Adams’ deal this year has dominated everything. Thank you for your work and I wish you enough energy to enter this season. It will be the longest distance in years.

I generally don’t get the “unfinished business” look. Maybe for some players. But there are a number of new additions at various stages of their careers, as well as several key players who have come back from injury, who collectively bring a lot of newness and unknowns to a team they know to be competitive. To me, it’s more like, “Okay, that’s what we have now. What can we do with it?”

Connor from Minnetonka, Minnesota

Which NFC team is the biggest threat this year?

Picking one from a list of four or five people at the top of the list is currently impossible. Last year, the Packers in Week 3 beat the team that ultimately beat them in the playoffs. They beat the last remaining undefeated team which eventually broke out in the Wild Card Tour. They also beat the Super Bowl champions in late November. So your guess is as good as mine.

Mike, Vic has often been critical of Z’s performance versus running. When reviewing his 2020 shots in each game, his numbers were low against some of the teams geared towards running. What do you think? Do you see GB working on it early and often?

I expect the Packers will test it in this regard, for sure. But I don’t see the entire race plan focused, as some readers suggest, on attacking Smith. LaFleur’s operating scheme builds in wrong directions and opposes the concepts of indoor and outdoor area. Packers will bring everything with them and see where you go.

Everyone has been talking about Za’Darius and his potential impact on the game but what about our former defense coordinators now with the Vikings? Obviously a lot has changed but we still have Aaron Rodgers taking the shots. Do you think their familiarity with the number 12 could be the X factor that gives them an advantage? The Vikings have really done a major overhaul since last season, so hopefully we won’t get past them!

First, I guarantee you that no one will skip them. Second, the last two DCs? Dom Capers is with Denver and haven’t worked with Minnesota since 2020. Third, I’ve said for years that the benefit of getting to know specific players is exaggerated, and I’ve never seen anything that would convince me otherwise.

When Cousins ​​played at MSU, he had a reputation as a clutch at the big moments, but is a bit undisciplined in look and feel. It looks like Rashan Gary can do quite a bit of hard pressure damage and maybe an early QB hit or two. Happy feet turn into bad decisions and bad execution. Do you feel that this is the main path to success on Sunday?

His cousins ​​don’t make a living with off-schedule plays, so disrupting his timing and tempo can go a long way, and he’s definitely more scramble in his younger years. Having said that, I think it has improved with age in maneuvering inside the pocket and finding ports. His two years in the Pro Bowl in Minnesota (2019, 21) had significantly fewer ball counts than in other seasons.