The Patriots are coming to South Florida a few days before the Dolphins game

Maybe really New England Patriots be Smarter than anyone else.

Or maybe Bill Belichick, the Patriots coach, who is widely seen as the goat [Greatest Of All Time]He thinks to himself this time.

Or, as Dolphins and former NFL wide receiver Chris Chambers suggested, perhaps South Beach, Wynwood, Las Olas or Atlantic Avenue would be Belichick’s downfall.

Whatever the case, the Patriots are on our way Tuesday, Based on reports, with workouts starting on Wednesday. Yes, Belichick is taking the entire team operation to South Florida to prepare for Sunday’s inaugural season against the Dolphins and the sweltering heat at Hard Rock Stadium – where temperatures are expected to be in the ’90s.

It’s called short-term thermal acclimation, and the idea is to force your body into days of heat and humidity before a match so that it adjusts through the kickoff.

In my previous decade covering the Dolphins, I can’t remember which team comes up days before the September game.

And I hate to tell you this, dolphin lovers, but experts say Belichick does care about something mentally and physically.

Psychologically, I would say it’s a useful idea,” said Dr. Brian Foster, coordinator of the master’s program in sports psychology at Florida State University.

Foster explained that he was only addressing the mental aspect of the experience.

For the physical aspect, I reached out to Dr. Brian Schilling, a professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, whose research looks at the physical requirements of the military and law enforcement, among other things, and examines how best to train to meet those demands.

Schilling also thinks it’s a good idea.

“You have a list of 53 guys,” Schilling said, “and obviously some guys will fit in more than others. But it’s better than nothing.”

“He is smart. If I had coached Belichick, I would have done the same.”

Chambers, a wide reception coach at Keizer University as well as supervising the performance department at Lifetime Fitness in Boca Raton, also likes the idea of ​​”even if it only helps two or three players.”

Chambers, a fitness expert of sorts, said arriving early in New England should help them rest and recover. pointed out South Florida had one of the hottest Augusts ever Dolphins are adapting. Chambers said removing travel the day before the game is also a good idea.

“I’d be more concerned about men coming out,” Chambers warned.

By coming to South Florida days early, Belichick might be inviting trouble onto his team. West Coast teams often travel east on Fridays to acclimatize to the three-hour timezone change. This helps.

But . . .

“We used to go out on Fridays in the city we were in,” Chambers said.

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel admitted that the move did not fit with Belichick’s previous behaviour. But McDaniel also said he believes such measures are team specific.

“He obviously feels important to this team,” he said.

However, McDaniel said he probably won’t determine the outcome of the match.

He said, “I don’t think that’s going to be why they win or lose, it’s just going to be a contributing factor to either.”

Every year we hear about teams doing things to prepare for harsh road conditions whether it’s the roaring crowd noise during practice, the heat in the indoor training facility, or college teams playing loud and repetitively the opponent’s fight song during practice.

“If you’re an athlete and think about getting wet while playing, it’s something that takes your attention away from what you should ideally focus on while you’re performing,” Foster said.

“Thus, by drawing your attention to this stress in advance and making it a part of your consciousness, you are then preparing yourself to become so normal that your attention is not focused on it during the performance from a psychological point of view.”

We’ll see if it makes a difference.

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New England have lost four of their last five games at Hard Rock.

McDaniel, a 39-year-old veteran coach, knows how the move will ultimately be judged by Patriots fans and the NFL world. I have seen this movie before.

“you know what?” “It’s always right for them to win, and it’s up for debate if they lose,” McDaniel concluded.