The Patriots’ offensive struggles are worrisome, will they continue?

Preparing for the season doesn’t mean much, especially for the New England Patriots.

However, panic over their offense does not seem entirely misplaced. In the pre-season finale, after a few weeks of unsettling stories about how bad the attack looked at training camp, the Patriots struggled starting against the Las Vegas Raiders. This is bad. Even worse, it came against the raiders’ reserve defense.

The Patriots attack played the beginning four series. Two of those possessions ended in kicks three times later. There was also a shocking interception by quarterback Mac Jones, and a field goal. The offensive line, which was the focus of all those disturbing stories outside the camp, didn’t look good. Everyone had their say about the combination of the strange attack coordinator Matt Patricia and Joe JudgeAnd, after pre-season, it looked like New England should probably have taken a more traditional route in replacing Josh McDaniels.

It’s not like New England hasn’t gone through this before. Most of the past decade or more has been spent trying to bury Patriots, and for the most part Just looks like a fool by the end of the season. While the NFL world wonders if a Patriots offense will be a disaster, the Patriots themselves seem pretty calm.

“I say all the time, the NFL is an extreme league,” the judge said, via “It’s one week, what’s the story. We have a week between matches, in this case we have two weeks between matches. So what’s the story going? You can’t chase it. You can’t chase the narrative. You have to show up every day.”

Jones was one of the Patriots who had a rough start. It’s not worrying either.

“It’s not about sermons and things like that,” said Jones. According to NBC Sports. We’ll work on it, we’ll work through it. I think it’s kind of good to be where we are. Learn from everything and have good conversations. That’s the important part. Don’t just sit there and say it’s bad. That’s what It is.”

How important is pre-season to our perceptions of teams? The 2008 Detroit Lions and the 2017 Cleveland Browns, the teams 0-16 in NFL history, were both 4-0 in pre-season. A lot of teams and players looked great or bad in August, unlike anything we see once the regular season starts. Teams generally don’t show enough, both schematically and with lineups, in pre-season to get a reasonable reading of what they’ll be like during the regular season.

However, it matters a little. The Patriots weren’t trying to be bad in pre-season and especially during camp. They are introducing new schemes with a change of coordinator. They are not sharp. this is important. Perhaps it will cause a slow start to the New England regular season.

But Bill Belichick usually calculates things. Sometimes it takes a few weeks into the season, but the Patriots end up fixing their issues as the season goes on. Patriots fans better hope so, or it could be a long season to watch this offense.

Quarterback Mac Jones (10) and the Patriots offense had an approximate August. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Below are the strength rankings ahead of the first week of the NFL season. Click on any of the team names below for an in-depth season preview of this team from the Summer Countdown Series; Ranking “last week” is from Our pre-season rankings.

The Falcons looked good in pre-season but that doesn’t mean much. If Arthur Smith can bring this list up to six, seven or more victories, it will say a lot about his training ability.

Texas could be improved. Rookie was running back Damon Pierce Great pre-season. Receiver Nico Collins and tight end Bravin Jordan may have a breakout. Not great, but better than their previous arrangement.

Gino Smith won the QB Seahawks competition, mostly due to Drew Locke You didn’t do much to win it. We don’t know if rookie running back Kenneth Walker III, in the second round, will play in the opener after having hernia surgery. You would have loved more positive news out of Seattle in August, but there wasn’t much of it.

Tight end Cole dumb was a nice preparation. The bears attack will help greatly if he has an outbreak season. They need someone other than Darnell Mooney to catch the ball.

Here’s Giants General Manager Jo Chun on the Giants’ predictions this season, Via Fox Sports: “We’re just trying to get through today.

“The situation we’re in is the situation,” Schoen said. “It’s the hand that has been distributed to us. We will do our best.”

How’s that for some pre-season excitement?

We’re still waiting for information on Zach Wilson’s availability, but his recovery from arthroscopic knee surgery appears to be going well. The Jets won’t rush him and risk having him back in a crucial second season.

Jaguars-Commanders in Week 1 is a fun game. if it was Jaguars have a chance to be an outstanding team This season, many believe, this is a match they must win.

The Panthers wasted a lot of time before naming Baker Mayfield their starting quarterback. Mayfield should be an upgrade for the scrolling game, and as long as the Panthers are healthy, they should be tough. The first week match against Cleveland will be telling.

The Lions did us a good show “Hard Knox”. What’s already clear is that Aidan Hutchinson, the second overall draft pick, has a chance of being really good. This should be a fun season in Detroit.

Fortunately, Brian Robinson Jr. is doing well after being shot in an attempted robbery. The novice running back looked good before. Another rookie who could come as a surprise is Jahan Dotson, who didn’t get the same amount of fanfare you’d expect from a receiver that placed 16th overall.

Mike Tomlin was preparing to announce the starting quarterback, although it would be a surprise if it wasn’t for Mitchell Trubesky. But Kenny Beckett looked good in pre-season. He should be playing well soon this season.

Tua Tagovailoa had a good pre-season finale, giving him some positive vibes en route to a massive season. His relationship with Tyreek Hill will be one of the most-watched NFL events in September.

Harold Landry’s passing pass loss to a torn ACL in practice is brutal for the Titans. If Mike Frapel can get this team back into the playoffs, he will seal him as a top five coach in the NFL.

Kirk Cousins ​​is well prepared for a big season under new coach Kevin O’Connell. But it’s funny: no matter how good the cousins ​​are, Your opinion of it will not change Unless Minnesota somehow wins the Super Bowl.

The Saints’ trade in versatile defensive linebacker CJ Gardner-Johnson to the Eagles was a surprise. Gardner Johnson could become a free agent outside next season, but he could have helped this season and didn’t get the Saints back much (the 2023 fifth-round pick, the lowest in the Eagles’ 2024-sixth-round pick and 2025 seventh-round pick). Gardner Johnson wanted a new deal, but it’s not like he’s been sitting around all season. strange movement.

The problem with Brown’s assessment is that the assumption is that Deshaun Watson will look like his normal self when he returns from 11 match commentary. Watson didn’t play at all last season, has had a few pre-season snapshots this year, and will join an all-new squad and offensive lineup about two-thirds of the way into the season. Watson is a talented midfielder but assuming he would immediately be great takes a lot.

Alex Leatherwood, a year after being drafted into the first round, has attracted a lot of attention due to Alex Leatherwood’s offensive line being cut. How bad were the raiders’ drafts With Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden running the show. Imagine how good the Raiders would be now if they didn’t inhale so many shots. Blown drafts will set them back for the next couple of years, too.

The Cardinals will be tested as soon as they come out of the gate with a home match against the Chiefs. We’ll find out if Arizona’s corners are good enough against Patrick Mahomes.

I don’t buy the idea that Nyheim Hines will be running more errands this season. Jonathan Taylor is still either the best in the NFL or on a very short list. The Colts missed the playoffs last season and won’t take their best offensive weapon off the field very often.

It probably wouldn’t be a problem for Jimmy Garoppolo to get back on the roster, and Tre Lance would take off anyway. I just wonder how Lance would react to all of that. I still like Lance having a break season, but a little less than it did before Garoppolo restructured his contract.

The Patriots unlock season in Dolphins. It’s a big match in the first week and it’s very likely that after that we’re not talking about the Patriots attack, but how Bill Belichick’s defense forced Tua Tagovailoa to make so many mistakes.

The Broncos haven’t played any rookies in pre-season and had some tough moments, which caused quite a bit of a panic with some fan base. Broncos will be fine. But if Denver starts sluggish in the opening game in Seattle, new coach Nathaniel Hackett will answer plenty of questions about his pre-season strategy.

There hasn’t been much talk of Joe Burrow’s appendectomy. He returned to practice shortly after the procedure and appears to be doing well. Apparently, there won’t be any problems in the future, which is good news for one of the NFL’s young stars.

Tyrone Smith’s injury is a brutal cowboy injury. I hesitated to move Dallas too far in the off-season, because the Cowboys were better last season than anyone seems to remember. But the holes are hard to ignore.

General Manager Howie Roseman had a phenomenal offseason. The deal with defensive back CJ Gardner-Johnson gives the Eagles an answer to one of the few questions on the list. The more you look at the Eagles, the more you see a team that could be a surprise NFC champion.

The shipper tries to find a backup to restart Austin Eckler. Perhaps the addition of free-agent Sony Michel, which Dolphins snapped at the end of preseason, will be the answer. Michel had some good moments with Ramez last season.

It’s not ideal for the Ravens to start the season with so many questions about running back. Gus Edwards will start the season in PUP. They were apprehensive about JK Dobbins’ health and availability in the first week. The Ravens have already signed Kenyan Drake, and that may save them early in the season as Dobbins and Edwards are back to full health.

The rookie receiver Romeo Doubs is one of the most interesting players you’ll see in September. He had a good camp flash in pre-season. Will a fourth-round rookie really be one of Aaron Rodgers’ top goals this season? That’s a lot of pressure, but if Doubs hits too hard, it could turn the Packers.

The pirates dealt with offensive line injuries and Tom Brady’s extraordinary training camp vacation. They don’t know when Chris Goodwin will be 100% this season. Rob Gronkowski retired. Are hackers more vulnerable than we expect?

A key player to watch early on is rookie receiver Skyy Moore. He doesn’t look like he’ll be a huge part of attacking early on during pre-season, but his versatility could prove to be a great resource during the season. Coach Andy Reed may have an early plan for the novice, too.

Matthew Stafford’s painful elbow got a lot of attention in August, but there doesn’t seem to be much concern as the season approaches. It’s worth a watch if it’s not 100% early, but so far it looks like Stafford will be fine.

If the Bills go to Los Angeles and beat the Rams on Thursday, the uproar will be great for them. They’re the Super Bowl favorites for a reason. This could be a special season in Buffalo.