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Cleveland, Ohio – Had Kid York A 58-yard field goal didn’t bloom 8 seconds ago To beat Carolina, 26-24We’re going to have a completely different discussion.

It was one of the bleakest weeks for the Browns and their fans, as Baker Mayfield led the fourth-quarter comeback to victory over his old team.

I have to say though, that I’ve heard many Browns fans say they want Mayfield to play well with their new team. I have the same feelings, but losing Brown in that match would have destroyed the morale of the fans.

Instead, they won. They are 1-0 for the first time since 2004…Ah, the Jeff Garcia era!

I was having this discussion with some of the big guys at Brown, and they agreed. But they also said the “scary win” was a good way to keep the team focused on how easy it would be to blow up an NFL game.

Brown dominated Carolina for three quarters. They had a 20-7 lead before the last round. Had the match ended there, the coaches would have spent a lot of time trying to get the players to take the planes seriously.

Let’s face it, New York started 137-year-old Joe Flacco at QB. Well, Flacco is 37 years old. It hasn’t been a high quality QB for several seasons. But Cleveland fans remember him tormenting their favorite team when Flacco was in Baltimore. Yes, he had a 17-3 record against Brown as a member of the Ravens.

But Brown did win.

As former Plain Dealer sports columnist Hal Leibovitz often said, “When the Browns win, the next week the food tastes better, I sleep better, the sun shines more.”

Cleveland Browns player Kid Yorke celebrates with his teammates after scoring a field goal to beat the Carolina Panthers in the second half of play. Joshua Gunther,

This one’s on coaches

Now coaches can show the players how Couple of big tasks It can turn what should have been an easy victory into a devastating loss.

But coaches also have to do a better job.

With 3:33 left in the first half, Browns were leading 14-0. Mayfield hit a tight end Ian Thomas…Ian Thomas is wide open…for 50 yards. This set up a 1 yard TD run by Christian McCaffrey.

Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods said, “It’s my fault… I take responsibility for it For this.” He gave an explanation about Carolina changing some players on the field: “Instead of staying with the group I had there, I tried changing to a different group of employees and didn’t say it explicitly.”

Often when the coach says, “That’s on me,” they’re covering up a mistake by a player… and trying to shut down the discussion.

But in this case, it was up to Woods and the defensive coaches. Bottom line: they overthink the situation. They were so consumed with getting the right matches, they almost ended up with 10 in the ballpark. By the time the eleventh player was on the field, the ball had been cut and not in the right place. Not the player’s fault. It was a bad decision by the coaches.

This is on a defensive back

In the fourth quarter, Brown advanced 23-14 with 6:13 left. Defensive High lost track of Robbie Anderson, who picked up a 75-yard pass from Mayfield. Not only was he extroverted, he was outrageously extroverted.

We had a familiar scene from early 2021 with a safety and side back looking at each other – your hands, wondering what happened. In this case, it was Grant Delpit and Cornerback Greg Newsome II.

“Just a misunderstanding,” Woods said. “No one is particularly wrong. We have to work better together on the back end of that particular play.”

This is what a coach says when he doesn’t want to publicly blame a player. Perhaps it was Newsom’s fault, who should have stuck with Anderson when the receiver went deep. He admitted it one way or another.

“If you see the road, it’s something we work on every day in practice,” Newsom said. “Just seeing what time the match was and what they needed, I would stay on top of the track and that would be cancelled. We will definitely correct that. That is an easy fix.”

Bottom line: Brown is good enough to control teams like Carolina, especially if the defense is paying attention. They sacked Mayfield four times. They hit five of his passes. Carolina rushed for just 54 yards on 19 buggies. But two big mistakes cost them 14 points and kept the match close.


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Amary Cooper hunts to put the Cleveland Browns in goal against the Carolina Panthers in the second half of play. Joshua Gunther,

About Amari Cooper

The stats for the Browns’ newly acquired Pro Bowl receiver looked disappointing: three catches for 17 yards. He was targeted three times. Brown knows that they have To do more to get him the ball.

But something else happened when Jacobi Brissett threw the ball to Cooper – the defense hit him early.

He pulled three pass interference calls, including one in the end zone. She created a TD 1 yard pass from Brissett to Kareem Hunt. I must love that play. Nick Chubb and Hunt were together in the background. Brissett faked the ball to Chubb, who caught the defense’s attention. That left Hunt wide open in the end zone.

Cooper and Brisette need to play more together to set some time. But the truth is that Cooper will attract a lot of defensive attention, and this will help the passing game.

About The Browns

1. James Hudson III won praise from coaches for his start in the right tackle. Focus on professional football Hudson gave the second highest score Among the men of the Brown Navigation offensive. Only White Tiller was better. Hudson allowed no sacks, no QB hits, and only one QB speed. That’s a huge lift for the team because the right tackle start Jack Conklin was having injury issues a year ago and coming out of knee surgery. Not sure if he will play on Sunday.

2. Rookie Martin Emerson Jr. also had a nice appearance as a professional, and a solid performance at full-back. Rookie Alex Wright wowed coaches with his ability to rush the pass as a defensive end.

3. BROWN thinks Brissett (18 of 34 passing, 141 yards) could do much better. Nobody claims Pro Bowl caliber, but he missed some open throws. He seemed distrustful at times because the offense was out of line.

4. Several QBs had tough opening matches, including Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow (four interceptions). QB Matt Stafford of the Rams and Super Bowl winner Derek Carr of Las Vegas each had three interceptions. Teams are afraid to play QB too much (if any) in pre-season, fearing injuries. Brisset played one-half. So it’s no surprise that many of the irregularities look chaotic early in the season.

5. Brown loves how Hunt quickly pulled out of his training camp due to the lack of a new contract and had a great first match. The Hunt/Chubb combination can be dynamic if Browns use it correctly.

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