The Pittsburgh Steelers finished their coaching squad in 2022

NFL downgrade day has become something highly anticipated by fans across the league. Knowing whether a “diamond in loss” makes the roster or whether their team has parted ways with a particular player many feel should have been cut years ago, dissecting the initial 53-player roster looks like a real start to the regular season. But for the players who quit on Tuesday, Wednesday brings a new day and perhaps a new opportunity to continue their NFL dream.

Welcome to the NFL coaching team.

After players with 4 seasons due or less cancel the waiver, each team can sign players to their official coaching staff. For three seasons now, the coaching staff has been expanded to 16 players and 6 of those players can be from unlimited cumulative seasons (therefore they are players who are not subject to exemptions). Players in the coaching team can be promoted by Steelers Or signed by other NFL teams, but again for 2022, each team can protect up to 4 players from Tuesday each week and another team can claim them only after the game. And don’t forget that every week a team can promote up to two players from the coaching team to the active list without having to remove another player.

to me Pittsburgh SteelersLast Wednesday, they announced 8 players from their 16-player 2022 coaching team, and the list of players is below:

RB Anthony McFarland
OL William Dunkel
OL John Leglow
OL Ryan McCollum
WR Cody White
OLB Hamilcar Rashed
DT Carlos Davis
DB Elijah Riley

On Thursday, the Steelers then added the following three players to the coaching squad:

DB Mark Gilbert
Justin Reg
LB Chapelle Russell

The three players added on Thursday were not part of the Steelers’ 2022 pre-season. Defensive full-back Mark Gilbert was in the Steelers’ 2021 coaching squad prior to signing Detroit Lions. The breakdown now comes in the form of 6 players in attack and 5 in defense. Obviously there will be 5 more players in the future.

On September 2, the Steelers added other players to their coaching squad:

RB Jason Huntley
DL Rinelle Rain

Huntly was a draft pick for the Detroit Lions and previously played for the Philadelphia Eagles. Raine was formerly from the Cincinnati Bengals.

This left only three positions remaining in the 16-man squad’s coaching staff, and they were filled with the next trio of players.

Andrew Adams
CB Josh Jackson
LB Dillonta Scott

Safety Andrew Adams was a undeveloped free agent of UConn in 2016 when he signed with the New York Giants. Adams spent two seasons in New York, appearing in 30 games with 17 games starting with one interception and seven defensive passes. After failing to win the main job in 2018, Adams didn’t make the 53-player roster and landed in Tampa Bay two weeks into the season. After a season of appearing in 13 games with four starts in which Adams received four interceptions and nine defensive passes, he signed with the Detroit Lions for the 2019 season. After failing to get the roster out of training camp, Adams returned to Tampa Bay for two more seasons before signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. Once again failing to make the Eagles, Adam returned to Tampa Bay for 2021. In his four years in Tampa, Adams played 57 games with 18 starts and six interceptions with 16 defensive passes. In 2022, Adams was at the New York Giants training camp but failed to make the team.

Cornerback Josh Jackson was a second-round draft pick by the Green Bay Packers of Iowa in the 2018 NFL Draft. After three years at Green Bay where Jackson played in 42 games with 15 starts with 86 tackles and 12 assists, he was traded to the team New York Giants in exchange for corner back Isaac Yadom. Released by the Giants in October after not appearing in a game, Jackson was relegated to the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff where he was promoted to two games and went through four tackles. Jackson spent pre-season 2022 with the Arizona Cardinals but did not make the team.

Linebacker Delonte Scott was on the Steelers’ 2022 pre-season roster after spending 2021 with the Steeles coaching staff.

The coaching squad can change, just as the team’s 53-player roster can certainly change between now and the first week match vs. the game. Cincinnati Bengals. For that reason, keep in touch with Behind The Steel Curtain for any updates on any moves on the roster and all news of the Steelers as they prepare to start the 2022 season.

To hear more about this half of the Steelers’ 2022 coaching squad, check out the breaking news stream below when it becomes available…