The potential benefits there would be enormous

Did you know that the episode “Unscripted” about special slashes and diffs was number 666 when you recorded it? I hope this is not a bad omen.

Hey, if he’s expelling some demons, the more the better, right?

William from South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

You and Wes often refer to lines from movies and TV shows. Some I know, love, and use myself, but I have forgotten more than I can remember. Do you have these stored in your memory banks or do you have these on your Rolodex in your office? Maybe on a spread sheet to indicate the best scenario to use it? GPG!

They appear in the moment or they require a lot of work. I definitely didn’t mean any harm to Iowans and their condition with the random “Field of Dreams” signal that day, but it was a perfect setup and that’s how this column trades.

Good morning, Mike. Did you manage to catch a few games from the college football inaugural weekend? Between the focus on passing and high scores, tons of penalties, endless reviews, and injury timeouts, a lot of games have gone over four hours without overtime. The TV broadcast schedules were a flop, but the advertisers might have been happy. Does the NFL see more airtime per game as a good thing?

no. The NFL constantly monitors the length of game broadcasts, and likes to keep the average in the three-hour to 3:15 range. Four-hour games have been an issue in college football for a long time now, and that’s one of the main reasons the NFL is being reticent to expand the replay review even further. However, the college game didn’t need a PAT back to make it an adventure. What an ending Sunday night.

Bart from Point Roberts, Washington

Will Al-Hazmon train next week before the Vikings match?

Well, they won’t just sit around for the next six days waiting for their flight.

Who is the Vikings player in the attack that you fear the most? Do the Vikings have an attack weakness that the Packers can exploit?

As I’ve mentioned several times, the MNs Cook, Jefferson, and Tellin’s triple assault weapons are formidable as they are. They’ll get the ball and get their yards, but the firmness has to stay healthy and not let them break tackles. Keep the ball in front, make them fall to the ground, and live to fight in another game.

Richard from Livermore, California

Great to see Tim Harris selected to Packers HOF. I really enjoyed watching him play all those years despite a tough team winning time, but I also had the privilege of coaching his son in basketball who is his 1st and 2nd in high school. I think Tim played basketball in high school, and although his son wasn’t very old, he was very athletic and competitive, traits I expect he inherited from his father. Tim is a welcome and well deserved addition to the Packers HOF.

The Packers have seen a lot of great rushers to pass from here over the past 30 years – Reggie White, Aaron Kampman, Tony Bennett, Brice Pope, Fonny Holiday, KGB, Clay Matthews, Smith Bruce, etc. On the survival of Harris’ 19-bag mark since 1989, no one has even come within 3 degrees of his one-season record.