Three free reports for Bleach customers recommend following the Pittsburgh Steelers after pre-season

As Bill Belichick once said, “We’re on our way to Cincinnati.”

That’s exactly the case for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who finished a perfect 3-0 in their pre-season game last week as they look to take on rivals the Bengals next Sunday. As far as the list goes, both quarterbacks have done a good job of pre-action by effectively moving the attack down the field and putting points on the board without throwing a single wits. Skill positions made clear their playing skills, and players like RB Jaylen Warren and LB Mark Robinson won spots on the roster to get some running behind the rookies as the season approaches.

However, Pittsburgh can still improve several of the roster’s main position combinations before they get comfortable with what they have in the starting lineup as well as with immediate depth in the event of a player injury. Christopher Knox from Bleacher Report recently Posted a piece Highlighting three free agent contracts the Steelers must pursue after playing pre-season. To start things off, Knox brought in CB TJ Carrie for discussion as a potential target.

“Curry was never a classy rookie – in fact, he was only a full-time player in two of his eight campaigns,” Knox said in an interview with Curry. “However, it was a serviceable rotary piece and could greatly enhance the depth of Pittsburgh.”

Knox proposed a one-year, $2 million deal to try and sign Curry to the active roster. While Pittsburgh may not have the #1 prototype on the list, it does have several serviceable options with Ahkello Witherspoon, Levi Wallace and Cam Sutton. When taking a look at Arthur Mullet and James Peer, it’s hard to find where Carrey could impact the list. While he received an overall score of 70.8 from . Focus on professional football In 2020, when he had two INTs, his score dropped to 53.5 last season after failing to score a pick and allowing a 66.7% catch rate.

Knox’s next suggestion is a more logical name in greater need, citing LB Blake Martinez as a goal Pittsburgh should pursue.

“Adding a top-tier player like Blake Martinez (151 times in 2020) may not seem feasible, given Pittsburgh’s cap,” Knox said of Martinez. However, Martinez came back from a tear in his ACL and was a surprise release by the New York Giants. This is a low-risk, high-reward option for the Steelers, who should be on the phone with Martinez’s representatives immediately. Poor running defense was one of the biggest reasons Which led to the Steelers being blown up by Bengals competitors in every competition last season—with a combined 294 yard surrender. If he’s healthy, Martinez could improve Pittsburgh’s second-tier defense dramatically.”

Knox suggested that the Steelers offer Martinez a one-year, $3 million deal to try and bring in Martinez. As noted above, Martinez has been a good defender since entering the league, racking up the stats with the Packers before signing with the Giants. He’s consistently near the top of the league in action and had a solid PFF overall rating of 75.9 in 2020 before suffering a rip in the AFC Champions League in week three of the 2021 season. Still just 28 years old, Martinez will be a fit for under The minimum age for Free Defenders and it would be a viable compliment to Miles Jack if Devin Bush and Robert Spillane didn’t cut it.

Reason for skepticism about a potential deal with Martinez is the injury he has suffered as well as the fact that Pittsburgh will likely want to see what he has at home first with Bosch and Spilan as well as the development of Mark Robinson prior to research. abroad for help.

The last name Knox mentioned in the article is where Pittsburgh likely needs help: the offensive line. He brought in former OL division competitor Trey Hopkins as an experienced player who could provide value to the OL unit in Pittsburgh.

“The biggest concern for Pittsburgh as week one approaches is the offensive line,” Knox said at Hopkins. “Last year’s unit allowed 38 sacks and was a burden to the running game at number 29. This year’s unit isn’t about to get any better. Trey Hopkins, a former Bengals inland line operator, might be the perfect addition for Pittsburgh. Player unlikely to get The 30-year-old is on an odd salary at this point in the year, and he has experience playing goalkeeper and midfield.”

Knox struck a one-year, $3 million deal as a logical proposition to land Hopkins in Pittsburgh. Hopkins has been with the Bengals since 2016, and has seen the action in 76 games with 28 starts. He’s been a regular fixture at the Bengals center for the past three seasons, scoring 928 shots in 2021 and being called up for four penalties while succumbing to four sacks last season. Focus on professional football Hopkins gave a poor overall score of 51.4 in 2021 which was for the indication worse than Kendrick Green’s overall score of 52.4 last season.

Figuratively speaking, Hopkins will provide depth in both center and guard for Pittsburgh, but while it will provide versatility and experience, the overall level of needle play likely won’t move much for Pittsburgh at this juncture. Of the three named, Martinez is likely to offer the best value for the center, and it all depends on health. While OL, CB, and ILB are all positions that could be improved on the list, Pittsburgh may decide to just make a deal rather than add veterans who don’t provide a significant promotion to their respective jobs.