Time to preview the 2022 Uni Watch NFL season!

Good morning and happy birthday! I wish everyone a good weekend.

I’ve been grumbling for weeks about how this year’s Uni Watch NFL Season Preview is the biggest, best, most comprehensive, and most epic preview the NFL has put together – and today you can finally see it for yourself. Naturally, it has coverage of all things obvious (like new Pats throwbacks, shown above), but you’ll also find deep coverage of more subtle and esoteric mono details. Recording nearly 7000 words, it’s dangerous. Hope you check it out on Bulletin.

Premium subscribers NFL Preview can be read here. If you haven’t signed up yet, you now have three ways to join:

I am proud of how this turned out. enjoy it!

Help Wanted: Graphic Designer for Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Good morning everyone – Phil is here. As most of you know, I run the “Sunday Morning Uni Watch” throughout my college football season, which includes uni tracking. Three of our four trackers return this season, but I haven’t been able to get to Kyle Acker, who’s been doing the graphics for B1G for the past several years (and Big XII before that).

Since I haven’t heard from Kyle, I’m looking for someone with graphic design skills to replace him. If you’re familiar with SMUW, you know what I’m looking for. Ethan Dimitrov nicely offered to use his B1G model, so it’s just a matter of removing the designs. If you use the ethane model, the end product will look like this:

If you have other design ideas, that’s okay too. What I’m looking for is for someone to display the uniforms that B1G teams wear every week.

If you are interested, please contact me at Phil.Hecken@gmail.com, and I can review the details. Thanks!

Pin update / reminder

The January 2020 pin design sold out yesterday, so I’ve updated our sales chart. As you know by now, I’m about to give up the pins at this point – $1 apiece, plus you get one for free for every three you buy. Save on shipping by combining your pins and ordering seam rippers, magnets, or many other Uni Watch products. Full details here.

What did Paul do? last night 2 nights ago

Sometimes I just miss the boat in a band. Case in point: I’ve never heard of North Carolina sugar prayer They were even billed for a show with a local band I’m friends with, girls on the grass. I was going to go watch GoG anyway, so I looked up Drunken Prayer’s music to see what they’re all about. I really liked what I heard – Southern Gothic with a hint of band and a distortion pedal very wisely deployed. (You can get a good feel for their contents by looking at their videos on this page.)

Went to the show on Sunday night and was not disappointed. GoG was good, as always, but drunken prayer was so truly Good. Best music group I’ve seen in months. Then talk to Morgan Gere, the peach man – a really nice guy. Always nice when things go this way.

• • • • •

Sorry, there is no tape todayBecause all Uni Watch employees have suspended vacation. The tape will be back tomorrow. – pee