Tom Brady uses negative reviews of his new offensive line to motivate them

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pirate quarterback Tom Brady They are goats in more ways than one. He’s definitely among the absolute best when it comes to finding ways to put a giant chip on his shoulder.

In the first episode Its second season Let’s go The Brady podcast with Jim Gray on SiriusXM explained that instead of telling his patchwork offensive line to ignore the noise, he’s telling them to embrace it.

“I showed it to them and used it as motivation,” Brady said. “Every time someone says he’s obnoxious, and he can’t do anything, I tried to show it to them and say, ‘That’s what they all say about you. What do you guys think? What are you going to do about it?’ And make sure they know what everyone is saying. I think this is important. You know, I think I’ve always used a slightly different defiance as my motivation. and me [a] Really motivated person. But it always helps when someone says something they don’t like. Or someone who still doesn’t believe in you after all these years, you’re trying to prove them wrong. And they still don’t. So you’re going, you know what? Thank you. As you know, thank you very much. Let me continue to prove them wrong.”

Do people really say his attacking navigators are bad? It is fair to point out this center – Ryan Jensen He is out indefinitely and guarded Aaron Steni lost this year. It’s fair to note that Brady has shown weakness in the past to press the middle. It’s fair to wonder if the back-up players who for some reason were ready to be backup when it came to preventing Brady from dealing with the pressure in the middle. Nobody says these players are bad. It’s fair to ask if they’re willing to prove they don’t.

But this clearly did not prevent Brady from turning any potential criticism into dissent. I’ve done it before. For example, after winning the 2018 Divisional Tour over the Chargers during his last Super Bowl career with the Patriots, Brady played the card indicated above, when he told the world that no one believed in us. The truth is that pretty much everyone believes in them. But that doesn’t provide much incentive to Brady, or anyone.

Furthermore, Brady admitted that the situation with the offensive line would be “challenging”.

“We are lost Alex Capa Brady said. “We lost Ali Marpet, a great player, to retire. Then Ryan got injured at training camp. So we arrived Shack Masonwho loved him to death. I played with him for a long time. I know what it’s about. Robert Hennessy From Notre Dame he earned the respect of his teammates for his work ethic and has been showing up every day for the past year even though he wasn’t playing, to be prepared. He’ll step in and try to do a great job. And we have a left guard who fights every day. look [Goedeke] He did a great job for us in training camp. We recruited him to come here and play, and we’ll see if he can get there and get ready to go do a great job.”

That’s all anyone says. However, Brady knows he needs something more to fuel the young players.

“I hope they take it seriously, all the things people have said about them, which, you know, isn’t always the most satisfying thing,” Brady insisted. “But they went out there and they went, again, like all of us, we had to go out there and earn it and prove people right or wrong.”

prove them wrong. Even if they’re not really wrong because they don’t say what they’re supposed to say. It’s a great trick if you can pull it off. We’ll see if it works if/when the fresh-looking offensive line holds its own against the Sunday Night Cowboys.