Tom McCarthy of NBC Sports Philadelphia will not be calling the Phyllis Nationals series

The Phillies will face the Washington Nationals in a three-game series starting Friday night at Citizens Bank Park. But one familiar voice would be missing from the broadcast.

Tom McCarthy, in his thirteenth season as a television voice for the team on NBC Sports Philadelphia (spent five years on radio), will not call matches because he will be on CBS broadcasting Sunday’s NFL game between the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans at 1 pm

McCarthy at the booth will be replaced by longtime Phillies radio host Scott Franzke, who also had a game in May when McCarthy attended his daughter’s graduation from New Jersey College. Jon Kroc will be calling the games alongside Franzke on NBC Sports Philadelphia. Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt, who is joining the broadcast for some Sunday matches, will not be available this weekend.

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Meanwhile, Franzke will be replaced on Radio Phillies by Pat McCarthy, the 27-year-old son of Tom, who currently plays for Triple-A Lehigh Valley IronPigs. He will be joined by longtime Velez broadcaster Larry Anderson, Who took a step back this season to call up the team’s weekend home games only. As a result, Phillies turned to the rotation of four former players — Michael Bourne, Chad Durbin, Eric Kratz, and Kevin Stoker — to call for most of the season on the radio.

In addition to shuffling the broadcast, First Lady Jill Biden — who grew up in Willow Grove and is a longtime Phillies fan — It will be at Citizens Bank Park on Friday To watch her first game since moving to the White House.

McCarthy will also miss the Phillies’ games against the Atlanta Braves on Saturday, September 17, and Sunday, September 18, because he is scheduled to call up the Colts’ second-week game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on CBS. He’s also set to call up some NFL games on the radio again this season for Westwood One, including Monday Night Football The match between the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills is on September 19, which happens to be a holiday for the Phillies.

This is the ninth season that McCarthy has invited the NFL games on CBS, as he has been paired once again with former New York Giants running Tiki Barber. Last year, McCarthy contacted Game with CBS Senior Analyst Tony Romo when he served as play announcer via Jim Nantz.

“[Romo’s] really easy [to work with] Because he’s an ordinary guy who loves the game, ” McCarthy told The Inquirer after the game. “His knowledge of the game is enormous. Summoning him is kind of like [John] Remember Crook, as he remembers things I would never be able to remember.”

Philadelphia will appear three times on CBS this season – October 12 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, October 30 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and November 20 against the Colts.

While McCarthy isn’t slated to call up any of the Eagles’ games this season, He called the Birds’ loss in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playoff game on the radio for Westwood One side by side Ron Jaworsky, new analyst at NBC Sports Philadelphia.

“I’ve been really lucky on a million different fronts,” McCarthy told The Inquirer in January. “I managed to get a lot of [broadcasting] Things I’ve never had before, and I’m very grateful. Whatever comes in the future comes in the future. If it doesn’t, it won’t be. I’m totally fine with that.”

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