Troy Aikman talks about the New England Patriots QP McJones and Tom Brady common denominator, and the ‘Toughest Job in Football’ – New England Patriots Blog

FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts. Quick-impact thoughts and notes about the New England Patriots and the NFL:

1. Taking Ekman: In his first year as an analyst for ESPN’s Monday Night Football, Troy Aikman will get a closer look at the quarterback. Mac Jones The Patriots twice – October 24th vs. the Chicago Bears and December 12th at the Arizona Cardinals.

Aikman has spent time with Jones, where they share a connection through Jones’ longtime throwing coach, Joe Dickinson. The Patriots are believed to have a gem. Nor was he surprised to hear that Jones and the New England crime had succumbed to each other.”growing pains“As they transitioned from offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to a three-headed leadership structure including playcaller Matt Patricia, head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback coach Joe Judge.

“I love Mac Jones; I really do. I think he has everything you need to win the NFL. He’s a lot like Tom [Brady] In this way, which was no surprise as to why he came to New England,” said Aikman.

“I will say, and Bale knows this, I think the offensive coordinator is the hardest job in football. I think it’s the most demanding job. It’s hard to find them. There aren’t a lot of greats. There are a lot of them with titles, but not a lot of great attacking minds.

“I had the opportunity to play with two of the best players who did it [Ernie Zampese, Norv Turner]. Man, when you get that caller, and they’re in sync with your quarterback, it’s like you’re in step with a dance partner. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. So I think they will miss Josh. Maybe they already did. But if anyone can beat that, it’s clearly Bill. It’s better than he ever did.”

Belichick’s unorthodox decision with the offensive coaching staff – not naming an official coordinator and relying more on two coaches whose primary background is on defense (Patricia) and special teams (the judge) – faces its first test on 9/11 when the Patriots visit the Miami Dolphins (1pm). Eastern Time, CBS).

Besides the training change, there’s a “new attack” that has dramatically changed its terminology, sharpening the learning curve for Jones & Co. Pre-season results have been shaky, with Jones not showing as comfortable as he has this past year.

Players have called for patience, and basically Ekman too.

“It has an impact. I think if Mac was honest, he would say, ‘Yes.’ That doesn’t mean he can’t move forward and have more success this year,” said Ekman.

“It looked like him and Josh and they had a really great relationship. And that becomes difficult because there’s a lot going on in the game and in training; there’s frustration, the midfielder is in the heat, they’re not doing this – to have a guy that you can really trust, there’s a lot of that.” The relationship that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet or even on match day. That would be a tough position to fill, and a tough one for Mac to rest.”

2. Mac explanation: When Jones said on Wednesday that the crime “It sorted out a lot of things, and it’s good that it’s happening nowMy initial thought was that he meant the general cause. But after speaking to several attacking players in the locker room last week, I wouldn’t be surprised if his words were more specific which he meant after the August 26 pre-season game against the Las Vegas Raiders. That some were embarrassed by their performance against their former coordinator (McDaniels) and the result has been sharp focus and better practice in practice since then.

3. Early flight: In a departure from the norm, the Patriots travel to South Florida on Tuesday this week and will do three exercises in the heat and humidity pre-game against the Dolphins. They usually leave on Saturdays for road games. old captain Devin McCurty It was previously said that the weather “always a little bit of a pre-game shock” in Miami, so this gives players time to acclimatise. The trip had been planned for months. Of course, if Belichick had known the team would have an uncharacteristically hot and humid training camp in New England, he might have planned differently.

4. Win mode: With running backwards T Montgomery (Right Ankle) Not expected to fit into the season opener, the Patriots’ main question in terms of injury is starting the correct tackle. Isaiah Wayne. He was not in training on Thursday but was present at the facility that day. Wayne missed several weeks at training camp with an undisclosed injury, and despite initially returning during joint practice in Las Vegas on August 23-24, he still appears to be working through something. Not ideal for a unit that needs to work together.

5. BB vs. McDaniel: Is Belichick vs. Mike McDaniel a training mismatch for the Patriots in the opening game? not necessarily. Per Elias, Belichick is 55-24 (69.6%) on his career against the first-year coaches, slightly better than his career win percentage (321-156, 67.3%). But Belichick is entering a streak, having hit a 5-0 record against first-year coaches last season.

6. Slater’s speech: “Comparison is the thief of all joy.” This is something a Patriots captain has long been through Matthew Slater He said on sports radio WEEI last week when asked to compare the Patriots to previous teams. Later, in a one-on-one interview in the locker room, Slater was asked to explain the idea.

“When you think about where we live, not just in the NFL, but with social media, Twitter, Instagram — what does this guy have? What does this guy have in the league? This guy put these numbers up. This team signed that guy. It’s all about comparison, Slater explained.

“As long as you look on the outside, outwardly, at what is happening to others, you can never really experience the true joy within. It really is a pearl that started in a spiritual context, but I think it applies in all areas of life. And I think that is important to us as a young football team. We can’t look around and compare what’s going on to others. Look at what we have here, appreciate it, zoom in and enjoy. This is a message I try to live by, and it definitely applies in this dressing room.”

7. Hightower Wardrobe: The Patriots have long since left full back Donta HightourThe locker is open at the moment. It’s not necessarily that they’re planning the return of the free agent, which seems unlikely, as much as a show of respect between players. It scored in the class of nifty coins that journalists are picking up now that they have made it into the locker room again for the first time since COVID-19.

8. White’s career: Ex-Patriots running backwards James White He will be keeping a close eye on his former team this season, although that won’t be the case for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Week 2 team. That’s because White has already been enlisted to provide analysis of the New Orleans Saints’ Tampa Bay Buccaneers game—which kicks off at the same time—on Sports USA’s national radio broadcast. Boss quarterback Brady will certainly appreciate seeing his former teammate.

9. Did You Know, Part One: The Patriots have lost their past three games against the Dolphins in their first week game in Miami, and since becoming the Patriots coach in 2000, Belichick has not lost four games in a row against the same opponent, according to ESPN stats and information.

10. Did You Know, Part Two: Jones vs. Toa Tagoviloa It is one of nine first-week NFL games among quarterbacks who featured in the NFL as a first-round pick. According to ESPN Stats & Info, this will be the largest number in any week since 1967. The previous mark was eight (week 1 of 2012).