Utah Jazz: Can the Jazz move forward with Mike Conley?

Donovan Mitchell was traded, Rudy Gobert Traded in, training camp begins at the end of the month and the 2022-23 NBA preparatory season begins in less than a month. So I opened the mailbag one last time before the rest of the Jazz list was done.

Coaster, that’s not crazy at all. I know the Jazz have teams inquiring about their veteran players and that the Jazz are definitely looking to make a good deal and a good decision, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a version of the future that includes Mike Conley.

First we have to remember that Jazz won’t be looking to win many games, and having Conley on the list puts that at risk. Perhaps that means they will have to convince Conley to agree to come off the bench, also keep him to make sure he doesn’t get injured and also allow more young players to thrive.

Getting Conley to agree to all of this would indeed be a tough struggle, but that’s all assuming Conley even wants to end his career on a team that won’t win. He may not even want to be here. He might prefer being traded to a rival team and trying to push for what has so far eluded him – the title.

But let’s say Conley wants to be here and it’s okay to see the rest of his contract in Utah. He’d be a great guy in the locker room guiding the young guys on the jazz list. There are not many people who would be more suitable and valuable in this role.

But if the Jazz team gets a tempting offer for Conley, they’ll probably go for it.

Brandon, believe me, I hear you.

Listen, as of writing this, on September 6th, I don’t have anything to report about the whereabouts of Conley or Bojan Bogdanovic. But I don’t see a world where Jazz keeps Bogdanovic on the list and the only scenario I see Conley on the list is in the one I detailed above.

I totally agree with you that if the Jazz team wanted to get the most out of this rebuilding, they should lose a lot of games and try to get the best odds in the lottery project. The goal is to get the best leads, and I think the Jazz team is more aware of this than anyone else.

I, like Spencer, am very excited about the upcoming season and the upcoming Jazz Age. I know rebuilding isn’t the most exciting in terms of victories and success. But I love basketball, I love watching the young players develop and I love thinking about the potential of what this rebuilding process can produce. I can’t wait to start training camp.

I’m not sure how long this rebuilding will take, but if I had to guess too well, I’d say 2025 isn’t unrealistic.

If jazz has a hit in the 2023 draft pick, develops some of its young players and has a core that can compliment star players, they can spend a few years flipping assets for players, trading and dealing and getting back into the conversation.

I think part of that will depend on the longevity of some of the other teams in the Western Conference. When the time comes and there is room for movement in the arrangement, it will be clear and hopefully in line with the jazz schedule.

The competition between Walker Kessler and Udoka Azubuike will be a lot of fun this year as well as watching the development of both players. With the opportunity to play the tricky minutes, I expect both players to show different strengths and weaknesses during the first two months of the season and we will learn a lot.

I will not go anywhere. a period.

For those who don’t know, Colin SextonThe Jazz, who had just been acquired by the Jazz in trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers, underwent surgery last year to repair a meniscus tear in his left knee and in late June it was reported that he had made a full recovery and was cleared of playing basketball.

Then, last month, he was playing seemingly without pain or obstructions when he was Show his skills in the Miami Pro League.

Sexton is set to arrive in Utah this week to experiment with his body with jazz. Once this is done, the trade will be terminated and officially announced by the team. We’ll likely get official word on Sexton closer to training camp, but it doesn’t look like there have been any setbacks in his recovery and progression.

Colin Sexton drives the Cleveland Cavaliers against Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday, November 3, 2021 in Cleveland. Cleveland acquired All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell in a business deal with a Utah official on Saturday, September 3. Cleveland sent guard Colin Sexton, guard Laurie Markkanen and rookie guard Ochai Agbaji to Utah along with the unprotected first-round draft pick in 2025, 2027 and 2029.

Tony Dijak, The Associated Press