Utah Jazz: I’m excited for Colin Sexton

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Colin Sexton He was prominent in Alabama before becoming No. 8 overall in 2018. But the moment he became a regular part of the national conversation was during the November 2017 game between Crimson Tide and the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Several players were ejected from the game in the second half when the Alabama bench was cleared during the fight. It was paired with several techniques and another player’s mistake, leaving the tide with only three players to compete for the rest of the second half.

So, Sexton led the three-man unit in a 3v5 . game and behind her 40 sexton pointsAlabama nearly won. They would lose in the end, 89-84, but Sexton’s performance was more than remarkable.

Cut to one of my favorite NBA games of the past few years. The young and cheerful Cleveland Cavaliers were hosting the Brooklyn Nets on January 20, 2021. The Nets, led by Kevin Durant, had acquired James Harden the previous week in a business deal with Houston, and Kyrie Irving returned to play after missing seven games. They were the heels of the NBA and everyone wanted to see them lose.

Sexton seems to have taken the challenge personally, scoring 42 points en route to an additional two-time win 147-135. The game was crazy and Sexton was great.

This is the kind of show that jazz fans should look at when thinking about what the future could be with Sexton on the Jazz.

The 6-foot-1 goalkeeper is incredibly athletic with focus and unrelenting determination that will salivate coaches. His work ethic is out of this world too, as he is said to have had to be told by coaches in Cleveland to leave the gym and get some rest.

Nobody is perfect, and there are certainly some concerns, as with nearly every player. Sexton’s 3-point shooting efficiency has steadily declined during his time in the NBA and hasn’t always lived up to his defensive potential.

But, with time to develop and with a crew who will be willing to work with him to make him the best version of himself, jazz fans should be excited to bring back such a dynamic piece that could really thrive in the future.

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I started watching The Sandman on Netflix and it seems to be right up my alley. But then I heard it was a graphic novel series and now I want to read the series before I finish the show, because that’s kind of a nerd.

I’ve been watching “Big Brother” on CBS for what seems to me my whole life and without fail, I watch it every summer and find myself going back and watching old seasons of it because I love it so much.

I really love the Netflix series Afterlife, but I have to be careful how many episodes I watch in a row because it makes me cry a lot. I’m also not very good at dealing with sadness in my private life, so it can really frustrate me if I watch it too often. But it is very good.

I finally started watching “Ozark” on Netflix after years of being told I had to, which is pretty good. If you liked the “Breaking Bad” plot, you will probably enjoy it. You’re still not boxed, so if you are, no spoilers. I have a lot of family members who live in the Ozarks so it makes me a bit nostalgic and miss the summer nights by the river.

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