Warriors can land the defensive big man in trade


Miles Turner celebrates playing a game against the Detroit Pistons.

The Golden State Warriors I’ve been patient with the big man James Wiseman as he has been working through his rookie struggles and spent nearly a season and a half rehabilitating a knee injury, but it may soon be time for the team to make a final decision on his future.

If that decision is to go ahead and take another round in finding a skilled big man, an elite defense center might be waiting in the wings.

Warriors can block the Indiana Pacers big man

The Warriors have been linked to Indiana Pacers big man Miles Turner multiple times over the past two seasons, with Warriors insiders suggesting he ditch the Wiseman project and trade in favor of the more accomplished Turner. Ovarian Report Zack Buckley Turner has been dubbed Golden State’s “dream target” this off-season, and fellow Bleacher Report Greg Schwartz He wrote on September 6 that Turner could be available soon.

Schwartz noted that as the Pacers move into a rebuild, Turner could be a valuable business asset.

“It appears that Turner has been on the trade block for years and may finally be fired from the Pacers’ rebuilding team before becoming an unrestricted free agent next summer,” he wrote.

“He’s been plagued by durability issues in recent seasons, but Turner is a two-block leader of the time who caught opponents 54.5 percent in shooting edge last season. Add his ability to space the floor at 26, and Indiana should be able to get a pick From the first round of the defensive champion.”

The last run of the Warriors game showed the importance of the giant man protecting the edges. Kevin Looney, closest to a traditional position last year in a Warriors team that often prefers to play on a small scale, played a big role in eliciting rebounds and defending some of the elite big men the Warriors have encountered along their path.

If the Warriors decide that Wiseman’s development isn’t coming off the way they hoped, then 26-year-old Turner might be a good alternative while still fitting within the team’s “two-timeline” plan to build a young core that can keep them in a title dispute beyond the Steve Curry era. / Clay Thompson / Draymond Green.

There is more than idle speculation about Turner coming to the Bay Area. Kevin O’Connor in Ranger I reported last summer that the Warriors front office had toyed with the idea of ​​trading for Turner and even got into some discussions with the Pacers team.

Turner’s trade can be expensive for warriors

The Warriors will likely give up some of the younger assets in the trade, with Jonathan Cominga targeting the second-year ward. Although Kuminga has shown flashes of great play and has shown steady improvement during his junior season, a recent report on his off-field position sparked rumors that he could be on the trade block.

Stephen A. said: ESPN’s Smith take first He had heard some disturbing reports about Kuminga.

‘I don’t do his personal business; I don’t say such a thing,’ said Smith. “I’m talking about attitude, I’m not talking about actions. I’m saying this attitude, level of focus, level of commitment, tenacity, just put your head down – do the work. I hear it shorts the warriors in that, and he has to work together, because I’m a fan of Jonathan Cominga”.

Landing Turner will likely require a blockbuster trade with more than just Kuminga as a hub. Ben Steinar SI.com It was suggested in December that the Warriors would be willing to transfer Weizmann in a deal for Turner, along with another veteran player.