Warriors News: Steve Kerr sets expectations for Klay Thompson


Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors.

Obviously, the biggest story of Golden State Warriors Last season they won the championship. It was their fourth title in eight years with the same core. However, the second best story to come out of Golden State last year was the return of Klay Thompson.

In the 2019 NBA Finals, Thompson Come down with a torn ACL. Then, while he was trying to get back, He tore his AchillesWhich made him come back significantly. But at the start of 2022, the glorified Thompson is back on court.

While not back to his usual form, Thompson was more than excited to be back, and he helped Golden State win the championship. during Interview with Damon and Rato from 95.7 The GameCoach Steve Kerr said fans should expect Thompson to be more consistent next year.

“Klay is only on cloud nine at the moment,” Kerr said. “He can’t wait for camp to start, and I expect it to be more consistent this year, just having a conditioning base under him, that consistency of being in good health and being able to train all summer.”

Thompson only made 32 appearances for the Warriors last season, but played in all 22 games. According to Kerr, Thompson is off the season.

Kerr: “He’s in such a great place.”

It’s been a busy season for a lot of Warriors. Stephen Curry graduated from Davidson College and hosted his golf tour, married Draymond Green and was inducted into the Michigan State Hall of Fame, Thompson parting on his boat.

Kerr mentioned that Thompson had a lot of fun this summer.

“We texted that day, and he’s having a great summer,” clearer care. “He’s in a great place now that he’s back healthy, and his brother Trace [Thompson] He hits the house for the dodgers.”

In 32 regular season games, Thompson appeared last season He averaged 20.4 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 2.8 assists 42.9% from the field and 38.5% from behind the three-point line.

According to Brad Kloepfer from Golden State of MindThompson may end up taking a pay cut to help the team soon.

Thompson can take pay cuts

Golden State will be dealing with a financial issue over the next two seasons. Green, Thompson, Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins will need contact extensions soon, and Kloepfer thinks Thompson might end up taking a pay cut To help the team.

“It’s really hard to say [if Thompson or Green will take pay cuts]Because we don’t know what it will look like when they become free agents. Klay Thompson still has two years left on his deal.” Thumper Books. “Draymond Green has one year, with an option for a second year. Will they be all of the NBA talents on the championship team when they reach free agency? Or will they be emotional favorites on a team moving into its next era?”

But before that happens, Kerr thinks Thompson could run into a big season next year.