Warriors Officiel: Draymond Green Contract and James Wiseman’s Role

The Golden State Warriors Play this month’s game! Sure, it’s a pre-season game, but who cares: Warriors basketball is coming to a TV near you before the calendar is overturned.

So it seemed like a good time to do a mailbag. Let’s dive into the fun.

Being a valuable contributor off the bench, even in a small role.

Wiseman will forever be the name that pops into our heads when we think of Steve Kerr’s famous “chasing victories” quote. Kerr started Wiseman’s run in the 2020-21 season, allowing the rookie to develop quickly even though it cost the team chances for short-term success.

This won’t happen very often this year. With a championship team looking to repeat the title, Kerr will indeed be striving for victories. We saw it last year using it for beginners Jonathan Kominga and Moses Moody: they got a little flyersbut mostly they are only played when they can help the team.

It’s realistic that Wiseman plays 12-20 minutes every night this year, but he’ll only get the high end of those minutes if he’s contributing. This is also realistic. I think the goal should be a source of strength in those minutes. To provide you with a powerful catch and roll threat, make the cross three, perform better on the board, and hold himself in defense just enough for his attack to shine through.

It will be a wonderful year for him.

It’s really hard to say, because we don’t know what it will look like when they become free agents. Klay Thompson still has two years left on his deal. Draymond Green has one year, with an option for a second year. Will they be all of the NBA talents on the championship team when they get to free agency? Or will it be a sentimental fan favorite in a team moving into its next era?

Either way, Klay is more likely to take a bigger salary cut than Dray, and not because Reports that Green is seeking maximum contract And ready to go outside the organization to find it.

First, Thompson has more room to cut wages than Greene. He’s making $15 million more than Dray this year, and will make an additional $16 million in 2023-24 if Green picks up the final year of his deal. He lived the maximum contractual term, which Drey did not. He can cut a lot of money off his deal and still make the bank, which Drey can’t do.

Second, and most importantly, Thompson’s last decade cared him a great deal. The Warriors signed him to a maximum contract less than three weeks after his ACL tore him, knowing he wouldn’t be available for the first year of the deal, and knowing he might never be the same player. They paid him nearly $33 million in 2019-20 knowing full well that he wouldn’t play a single game. He earned over $35 million (over 150% of Greene’s salary) in 2020-21 while, again, he didn’t play a single game.

The Warriors stars don’t have an entirely endearing relationship with Joe Lacope, as evidenced by Clay who thanked Bob Myers when talking about the team he’s investing in. But it wasn’t lost on Klay that Dubs gave him a maximum contract without thinking twice, knowing he wouldn’t play in his first year. It’s not lost on him that three years into that five-year deal, he’s raised about $2 million for every game he played. He’s not going to cut his salary to fatten Lacope’s pockets, but he’s definitely going to get into a free agency that feels like the Warriors have taken care of him. I’m not sure we can say the same about Green.

I can’t say for sure, because it depends not only on how well they play, but on how well Weizmann, Donte Divincenzo, Jamical Green, how healthy the team is, and whether or not Andre Iguodala will come back.

But I expect them all to play regular minutes. Off the bat, Kuminga will probably play about 15-20 minutes a night, and Moody about 10-15, but without the DNP-CDs they both got a year ago. Both players have the opportunity to make an impact, but Dubs won’t rely too much on either of them. I think it would be a fluid situation.

However, I expect both Kuminga and Moody to be quality players on the bench this year, having them play key roles by the end of the season.

The most succinct way I can explain any repeat tax questions is: Veterans owe tons of tax payments for every single decade in the books. It’s too early to start thinking about a Klay extension, but the Warriors will definitely want to have something handled with Poole.

October 18 – opening night – is the deadline for Paul’s extension. There is no guarantee that the two sides can agree to a deal before then, but the Warriors will surely be invested in it.

I haven’t heard anything about young players, other than the guys on last year’s roster posing for the camera at Draymond’s wedding. But it was always unlikely that the Warriors, after such a long post-season period, would do much in the way of off-season training. In the coming days before camp starts, we’ll likely start hearing stories with the younger players.

There are no updates yet. Warriors hold their cards close to their chests. I’m sure we’ll hear news when the camp opens, but I don’t think there’s any reason to be alarmed.

Two of the three will be signed for the long term. Draymond will be one of them. He may be the squeakiest of all, but unless the Warriors have completely bombed this year, I don’t see them parting with the best defensive player in the world, which Steve Curry has linked.

It’s a coin flip between Paul and Andrew Wiggins. If the Warriors had to make that decision now, I think they would re-sign with Wiggins. But a lot could happen next year. I’ve been open about my opinion that they should prioritize Paul over Wiggins, and I think this next year will prove that.

However, if I had to make a prediction, I would say that Paul is, reluctantly, the odd man out. Especially since they are likely to stretch it out this year and then trade it in instead of just letting it walk.

Can you imagine what the Wiggins betting streak would have been like leading the Warriors in a three-point shooting last year?

but not. It will not happen again. He’s taking advantage of the Warriors spacing, and he’s improved his shot, but his 39.3% mark last year was the third time in his career he’s shot 34% or better. Meanwhile, Curry and Thompson shot less than 40% for the first time in their careers (excluding Curry’s five-game season in 2019-20).

I expect Wiggins to have a solid three-point season, and hopefully we’ll see an increased volume of him there, rather than some mediocre guards. But he will decline negatively, and Splash Bros. will decline positively. There is no shame in not repeating as the best three-point percentage on a team with the greatest bowlers in NBA history.

Thanks everyone for the great questions!