Warriors Rumors: Stephen Curry won’t co-host Draymond Green Podcast


Stephen Curry and Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

on the court, Golden State Warriors It is one cohesive unit. They have tied together to form one of the deadliest dynasties in NBA history, led by an elite trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, as well as an ever-strong support team.

However, away from the basketball court, the Warriors are all interested in their own endeavours. Thompson enjoys boating, Curry has just released his first children’s book, and Green hosts his podcast, Draymond Green Show.

during A recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s Ashley Nicole MossCarrie played a game this or thatWhere Moss will ask him difficult questions. For one, I asked if he’d prefer hosting ESPYs for the next 30 years or co-hosting the Green podcast permanently. In his answer, Carrey laughed and delivered a subtle blow to his colleague.

“Oh, I’ll see you every July for 30 years, hosting the ESPYs,” Carrie said with a big laugh. There was clearly no ill will to Green with the response, but Carey also made it clear that he had no interest in co-hosting his teammate’s show.

Stephen Curry chooses between the NBA championships | this or thatStephen Curry joined Ashley Nicole Moss to play “This Or That,” and he had to make some tough calls. The NBA Finals Player of the Year chose between his four episodes, whether he’d be willing to lose his titles with Kevin Durant for the 2022 tournament, hosting the ESPYs versus being the co-host of the Draymond Green podcast,…2022-09-07T13:56:11Z

Another interesting piece of information came from the interview when Moss asked Curry which Warriors tournament was most important to him.

Carrie: Definitely the most special

In the past eight years, Curry has won four championships with the Warriors, most recently last season. Moss asked him which of the four titles was most important to him, and Curry admitted that the 2022 tournament takes the cake.

“One, you don’t really know what you’re doing until you make it, and then you celebrate. The next two were kind of validation, trying to stay champions. But after these last three years and winning that year, it’s definitely the most special” Carrie explained.

Between their last two championships, the Warriors dealt with two major injuries to Thompson, a rebuilding season where they finished with the worst record in the NBA, and even last season both Curry and Green had injuries.

Despite this, they prevailed, winning their fourth title. Even Carrie took the opportunity to make fun of himself.

Carrie Jokes About ‘Ugly Crying’

After winning the 2022 championship in six matches over the Boston CelticsCarrie collapsed. He was clearly emotional as he fell to the ground in tears, celebrating the win in the arms of his teammates. During the interview, Carrey laughed at himself, saying that it takes a lot to make him cry ugly.

“You don’t find me crying ugly in court for no reason,” Stephen Curry said. “Those raw feelings that came up after the sixth game sort of indicated how much this means to me, and how much this means to our team,” Kari said.

The Warriors also won their first player in the Finals this past season, and as in each of their other three tournaments, the award was handed out elsewhere. Although Carrie did not mention it as the main reason.

And while he may not like to see himself crying ugly after the event, Warriors fans should wish for more of the same next season.