Was Daryl Morey insulting Ben Simmons in discussing Philly’s “Private Mindset?” DUH!

In Philadelphia, it seems that Ben Simmons’ hatred will never die. It is constantly renewed by this critic or that admirer from the city of brotherly love. He didn’t see anything like it.

But it’s not just the local media or the man with the worst seats at the Wells Fargo Center whose comment caused quite a stir this week. In a public comment during a day interview Go with John ClarkAnd the Daryl Morey talked about how he now knows he has to consider if the player can handle the Philadelphia sports scene. Depending on where you’re sitting along the I-95 corridor, this “scene” is 1) intense, sometimes very personal or 2) intense and sometimes very personal… To the max!!

as such Liberty Ballersthe sister site of SB Nation in Philly, put it:

Daryl says he was surprised that players needed a special mindset to play in Philadelphia, and he needed to learn how to identify those players as part of his talent assessment. This is the passage as well as transcribing the text of this part of the conversation…

Here is the full quote, as well as H/T for Liberty Ballers:

“I say the biggest surprise are the players who can’t play here. It’s actually not good for me. The more options I have, the better. But I think I’m starting to learn and love that about Philadelphia, because I think they get the best out of our team.” And I’ve seen him not only with our team, the Eagles, and Phyllis.

And I never really understood that, when I was in Houston when people say, ‘Oh, you need a special mindset to play in Philly. You need a special mindset to play, perhaps, in New York. Although I think this is less correct. Honestly, I can only speak to Philadelphia because I’ve been here right now. I think I pay attention to the mentality of the players. Can they handle playing in Philadelphia? Because I think it’s something different.”

No one lives within 50 miles of the Billy Ben statue above Philadelphia City Hall and does not believe Morey was talking about Ben Simmons. Sorry for the negative double. to be clear, Everyone It is believed that Philly GM was talking about the player who held out last season, citing mental health issues (What Mori said after the trade He thought it was real.)

It came after an ugly reaction from fans and the media to Simmons’ performance in Game Seven of the Eastern Conference semifinals in 2021 when he lost an easy dunk. The belief was that he did not want to shoot because he was afraid of free throws.

Morey on another occasion discussed Simmons’ “allergy”. This is from the same interview where Morey talked about Simmons’ mental health issues, also after the trade that sent Simmons to Brooklyn and brought James Harden to Philadelphia.

“I think I know how sensitive he is to public comments that have led us to be more careful just organizationally on this. I think it’s important to know your best players and their different positions where you have to pay attention.”

This week’s comment comes a few weeks after Sixers Simmons settled their dispute over whether Philly owed their player any part of the $19 million in fines they gave him for his refusal. The terms of the settlement have not been released.

The Nets travel to Philadelphia on November 22 to face the Sixers at Wells Fargo Center, Simmons’ first chance to play against his former teammates. It will be his second return as a net, after he sat on the bench and watched the net blow the Sixers, 129-100 on March 10.