What combination of positions will have the greatest impact on the Packers’ success?

Is this “charter” plane or buses?

Both. Buses are waiting on the runway when we reach the team hotel.

Did you ever use the Grid in Bootcamp? I didn’t hear a word about it.

It was, but there wasn’t as much throwing practice with it as in years past.

If Elgton Jenkins ends up playing it, would you expect to see it in LG or RT?

He’d be in the right handling if he played, as far as I can tell.

Hi Mike! Race creation is usually the best formula when you’re on the road (especially in a hostile environment like a US bank). With quite a few game-play picks and MVS being the base speed for the last couple of years, who would you expect as the most logical receiver? The two rookies that were drafted?

Rodgers will rely on veteran receivers — Lazard, Sammy Watkins and Randall Cope — mostly and will work on beginners, giving them more as they prove they can handle more. If Lazard ends up not playing this week, the rookie player’s playing time will surely increase, but the biggest load must be dealt with by the veterans early on.

I am very happy that Tonian will be back at least for the first week. Ideally Jenkins and David Bakhtiari would play as well, but Robert Tonian is a player Aaron knows, open when he’s not really open, and has great hands.

In extended 11v11 practice last week, Rodgers talked about Tonin making a bunch of plays, so that’s a good sign for him.

Do players train in a noisy environment in order to prepare for a noisy stadium?

They pump crowd noise into practice via their loudspeaker system.

I’ve never been to US Bank Stadium. Is it some kind of “noise pumping in” a place or is it natural noise?

It’s loud. Not as loud as the Metrodome, but just as loud. I don’t know how much extra hype they make there, but we’re always filled with Led Zeppelin’s song regardless.

Are you and Wes excited to return to the US Bank? I know how fond you are of the century

The last time we were there was a big win for the Packers – taking the NFC North title in December 2019. The century honestly makes me laugh more than anything. It’s just a weird sound effect that can be heard at the football match.

The pack has kept a lot of D-lineman on the list.. do you expect all cycling at some point? It seems there has been a lot of need to rely on Kenny Clark in the past years.

Beams love their depth in the foreground. Clark and Dean Laurie are mainstays, as Laurie directs out his best season. Slatoon is a young, sophisticated player. Garan Red is a proven veteran add-on. White has a lot of talent and he’s going to get there too. It’s the deepest group in this situation that I can remember in a long time.

Statistical models are not middlemen, but they are better than talking brains. The 538 was posted today and both models have the Bucs and Pack on top of the NFC. Do you think we will have a strong sense of what this team can do after three weeks?

Maybe, but even after three weeks there is still a long season to go.

Were you able to watch any private teams practices. If you what do you think of it?

The training periods in the ST that we saw in the training camp were pretty intense, and I think Bisaccia has the ability to deal with players he trusts to get the job done. This phase will still be in place as the season begins, I suspect, but it’s in good hands and decisions have been made on the roster to help further in that area.

If there is a bet on Bushwood, what are the odds that Z will jump offside?

we will see. I’m sure Rodgers will try to seduce him.

After completing the first game, are the players worth their salaries for the whole year?

Veterans (four years of accrued service or more) are guaranteed their full season pay if they are listed for the first week.