What we learned about the Eagles Week 1 discount from Hard Knocks

As a member of the sports media, watching “Hard Knocks” on my DVR at the end of August is always a great companion to cover, focus and work around NFL training camp.

The media and the public cannot see what happens before and after training, in meeting rooms or when players are spending time with their families on their days off. The Lions are in the spotlight this year on HBO, and with the Eagles preparing to head to Detroit for the NFL season opener this weekend, Birds fans have been able to learn more about their enemies soon after watching the annual reality TV show. .

Familiar helpers

It was hard not to miss Duce Staley – the long-running Eagles coach who helped the team win the Super Bowl and a former player during the late ’90s and early 2000s. He’s the Detroit RBs coach and assistant head coach and was one of the biggest stars in the early episodes. And he explodes with love.

Hank Fraley made several appearances on the show. He has been part of one of the best offensive lines in Eagles history and serves as a Detroit coach. Fittingly, two of lions’ biggest strengths are their streak and their appearance.

Dave Veep, former coach of the Eagles Special Teams, works in the same role with the Lions منتخب

There are also plenty of other former players coaching the Lions including defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, WR coach Antoine Randall L, LB coach Kelvin Sheppard and QB coach Mark Brunel.

Editing the view did not allow you to see the stars

It is common for the song “Hard Knocks” to focus on the important players on the list. The drama and fun that comes from making contact with an unrepentant newbie trying to be Cinderella is part of what has made the show special for years. However, in a slight departure from the previous season, there was absolutely no sign of D’Andre Swift, the Lions star, returning. There was no trace of TJ Hockenson’s tight end, and Jared Goff was barely a supporting player. And this offensive line, is hardly talked about.

Perhaps this was by design, because the Eagles coaches wouldn’t get much use from watching the Lions’ second and third team train. And as such, we can’t really make any X or OS notes.

They might be better…but they wouldn’t be good

At the final season finale on Tuesday night, several Lions coaches including coach Dan Campbell were asked what to expect from the Lions in 2022. They all failed to give anyone bulletin board material, using vague coach talk to say they were going to “play with determination” , or they were about to “notify the NFL,” whatever that means.

The lack of confidence in terms of being a competitive team in 2022 was very evident. Detroit finished 3-13-1 and earned a second pick in the NFL Draft in April. The improvement for them would be five or six wins – not the appearance of a playoff. The Eagles couldn’t have had an easier opening match.

Rush can be powerful

However, one thing is clear – Aiden Hutchinson’s first-round pick is the real deal. He’s been a nail in pre-season and seems to have a lot of skill and drive and will need to be distinguished from every single game by the Eagles’ attack.

Charles Harris and Michael Brookers are also good passing forwards, and regardless of the o-streak, it looks like this will be the second best unit in the team. It’s very thin in the wide receiver behind the Amon-Ra St. Brown, and high school don’t boast any household names. The Eagles are really the best in the first week’s game.

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