Where is Alex Caruso in the world? Elite backzone defense, 76 calibers keep adding, and more bullseyes

I’m now a proud dog parent, and I wouldn’t take on the role if I didn’t share some pictures:

Now, let’s talk about basketball before you get up and claim a fetch.

  • Alex Caruso’s Travel Blog isn’t the content I expected, but now it’s the content I crave!
  • What Caruso does abroad is anyone’s guess, but I can’t imagine the plan is to stay long. Not only players He is expected to return to the United Center In the coming weeks, but he made another visit already scheduled in a few months. The Bulls’ game against the Detroit Pistons in Paris is scheduled for January 19, so Caruso may be using that time to explore good eating later this winter. What a cute fellow!
  • I’ll give you a chance to guess:
  • The answer is the distractions for each game. And can you guess who ended up right below Caruso and Gary Trent Jr.? That’s right, Lonzo Ball. I know we’re constantly talking about how important the Caruso-Ball tandem has been to the Bulls in their short playing time together this season, but like that’s why. Having this duo of top 10 players as a first line of defense has a very important multiplier effect across the roster. Ball and Caruso were both adept at picking pockets, jumping in passing lanes, and disrupting the attack point. Losing both of these people as long as the Bulls do is understandable, and it’s also reasonable for the front office to believe that this team can achieve great things on both ends when they’re healthy.
  • However, the problem is assuming that both are capable Spends healthy. We all know Lonzo Ball’s situation remains as worrying as possibleCaruso did not play more than 64 games in one season. Banking this back duo to solidify your defense makes sense on paper, but we saw how dangerous it was last season.
  • If the Bulls find themselves in a situation where they need to add more defensive reinforcements down the road, doing so can be somewhat difficult. When it comes to tradable capital, the team is rather weak. As of now, the only seemingly plausible option to give up is Portland’s first lottery-protected manager that the front office acquired as part of Laurie Markanen’s three-team deal. If this team is competing, could wrapping that with Coby White on the deadline help fill the void? I think that depends on whether White can improve his stock this year.
  • After a somewhat disappointing free agency period, the Bulls fall in the middle when it comes to David Aldridge’s off-season improvement arrangements. It has meaning to me.
  • The Philadelphia 76ers would end up somewhere inside the Athletic’s top 10, especially after they continued to add strong players on Tuesday with the signing of Muntrzel Harrell. While the Bulls are now much stronger up front with Andre Drummond in town, I’m still very nervous about playing this Philly team (especially considering they already swept Chicago last season). With Joel Embiid, PJ Tucker and Harrell in the front yard, this team has solid options at both ends.
  • I’m sure all this will pass easily!
  • Lauri Markkanen, traded for the second season in a row, could be an angry match for Finland at the 2022 European Basketball Championships. The former lottery pick dropped 34 points with 10 rebounds against former teammate Tomas Satoransky and the Czech Republic. After all the ups and downs the bulls have been through with this dude, I can’t believe he’s only 25 years old. He still has plenty of time to play an influential role in this league.