Where will Bronnie James play next fall? Track his enlistment in 2023

Last month , LeBron James Put the 2023 free agency rumors to bed, A two-year contract expansion worth $97.1 million with the Lakers To keep him in Los Angeles until 2024-25 – in the same season, his son Bruni will be eligible for NBA Draft.

Father and son have been silent about the 17-year-old’s enlistment so far, but their recent visit to Ohio State โ€” as well as an Instagram post that showed him in a Buckeyes outfit โ€” reignited speculation about where he’ll play next fall.

While Bronny can still choose to play with a G League Ignite, Overtime Elite, or an outside league, LeBron recently told Sports Illustrated His son probably “wanted to go the college road”.

As the recruiting path heats up before your first year at Bronny, we’ve got you covered with the latest updates, tracking campus visits and other developments in the high-profile four-star hunt in the 2023 class.

Scouts report on Brunei

C.J. Moore, writer for the college basketball team: James has the potential to be a strong guard in college. This potential depends, mainly, on the consistency of his jump shot and how he continues to develop as a manager/playmaker. At the moment, his jump shot is inconsistent, in part because he takes so many hard shots. It’s no stranger at his age playing base-level basketball when he’s been called the star of the team. The mechanics are good, he can shoot through the range and that’s the most promising.

Similar to his father, he is at his best when going down a slope and ending at a ledge. He’s nowhere near as big as LeBron – Bruni’s 6-3 – but you can see the similarity when he zips down the lane. It’s got a lot of power to its chassis and does a good job of lifting and finishing the rim. He struggles to separate from defenders on rebounding, which is one of the reasons why he plays the ball better.

Bruni seems to be handling all the fuss quite well. Every game he plays seems to be at or close to his power. This should help him adjust to college. His challenge will be trying to deal with the hype once he gets there, assuming he’s on the college road.

It is not recognized that it will be an immediate start. It might take a while before he’s ready to be a scorer. It will depend on what his college team has on the roster and how well they develop over the next year. What is important is that he goes to a school that will commit to helping him improve and allowing him to run his own race. He’s not his father, but genetics is on his side. He can guard, he can shoot and he shoots really well.

What schools did Bruni visit?

Ohio State

Bronnie, LeBron, and his agent Rich Paul are seen at The Horseshoe Stadium on Saturday during the Ohio State football season’s opener against against our ladywith fans in attendance until the start of a “We want Bruni” hymn.

Adding to the rumors that Ohio State might be the frontrunner, Bruni posted photos of himself and LeBron in the Buckeyes thread on his Instagram account on Tuesday with the caption “Buckeye Nation? #Not committed”

What did LeBron say?

lebron Recruitment buzz expulsion Bruni turned around last month after a report that Oregon had become the “favourites”.

“He hasn’t made a single visit yet and only had a few calls with coaches and universities,” LeBron said on Twitter. “When Bruni makes his choice, you’ll hear from him.”

lebron said the athlete Earlier this year he plans to play the final season of his NBA career with Bruni. James, who will turn 38 on December 30, cannot be traded for next season with the increase in the second year of his extension exceeding five percent, but is said to have a player option for 2024-25.

“You’re going to play my last year with my son,” LeBron said in February. โ€œWherever Bruni is, that is where I will be. I would have done whatever it took to play with my son for one year. It is not about the money at that point.โ€

What other schools are in the mix?

Aside from Ohio and Oregon, other programs that have shown interest in Bronny include MemphisAnd the USC And the University of California.

In July, at the EYBL Peach Jam, there were several college coaches in the stands watching James, but the most notable were duke Coach John Scheer and Memphis head coach Benny Hardaway.

The tigers He reportedly made a bid for James last month after a few big performances – he averaged 17.8 points, 5.6 assists and 5.2 rebounds, while shooting 45.5 percent from the field and 43.8 percent from 3 in five games.

Back in 2019, LeBron paid tribute to the Memphis head coach.

“Benny was one of my favorite players growing up,” LeBron said after a game against the Memphis Grizzlies. “I loved Michael Jordan, but I wanted to be like Penny.”

As for the two The Schools, one of the Bruins’ biggest alumni of basketball, Matt Barnes has already set his limit on the 6-foot-3, 190-pound combo guard.

“Why don’t you go to a game of Rams or a game of Chargers where they can still chant your name, 15 minutes from home, and they can still have Sunday dinner with your family and come back and kick on your days off?” Barnes said. “You can see your little brother playing in the Sierra Canyon; you can see your father playing at Staples Center.”

While these two schools have geographic advantages, they also have a few former Bronny high school classmates. The Bruins currently feature new five-star goalkeeper Amari Bailey and new striker Evan Mangekian. For the Trojans, four-star powerhouse striker Keejani Wright was a teammate of James just a year ago, and junior Tre White played on the same core team as him last summer.

(Photo: Joe Camporeale/USA Today)