Why did Epervlus die? Ryan Bowles finally gave the real reason

General Motors’ new decision Ryan Bowles to hire Matt Eberfluss as such Chicago Bears The coach was a surprise. The Poles were an offensive lineman. He just watched offensive expert Andy Reed lead the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl by turning Patrick Mahomes into a superstar. He had Justin Fields on the list. Everyone thought it was a foregone conclusion that bears would target an abusive man. However, the Poles not only appointed Eberlus, the defensive coordinator, but did so only two days after he took his job.

This leads one to suspect that other forces are at play. It was as if the Poles had circled Iberlus for much longer than people realized. Now there is an actual validation of this theory. Adam Ganz the athlete He conducted in-depth interviews with Poles and people who know him to form a profile about his life and career. People may be shocked to learn that the genesis of the Eberflus recruitment actually began 14 years ago during a hot summer in Bourbonnais.

It was an experience the Poles did not forget.

His NFL dream ended in the final cuts, but what resonated with the Poles after that—and what stayed with him for so long after that—is How the Bears trained under coach Luffy Smith.

“Roughness, end — there will be balls leaning and going to the other court and all 11 they will run to, catch them and run to the end zone,” Paul said. “There was a goal. There is a standard for how they should be practiced.”

This is how the Poles, the first-year general manager of the Bears, want his team to look today. This is what attracted him to coach Matt Ebervlossean extension of Tony Dungy/Smith’s training tree during Eberflus’ time with former Dungy/Smith assistant Rod Marinelli in Dallas.

“It’s not really an offensive defense thing,” Poles said. “It’s really asking to do things the right way. And I think from there, you can build that foundation and grow from it. That’s important.”

Now everything makes sense. The Poles were an untrained debutante in 2008 for the Bears family. He got the full experience of Smith’s training method. Although he did not form the team, even then he knew that such an approach would lead to success. This was likely reinforced after he joined the Chiefs as a Scout a year later and endured the eras of Todd Haley and Romeo Crinell. Eberflus was mentored by Rod Marinelli, who, like Smith, comes from the Tony Dungy Training Tree. The standard remains the same. Everyone practices the little details. Foam is not allowed.

Ryan Bowles also understands his history.

People have no business criticizing Smith. The man has had more success in Chicago than any other coach in the past 30 years. He went 81-63 during his tenure, including three division titles and a Super Bowl appearance. He accomplished despite sharing a split with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers while not having a real midfield franchise of his own. Mike Ditka might be respected for having won a championship, but it’s possible that Smith did a better job coaching if you compare the two.

Eberflus was ready for this opportunity. He spent a decade in the NFL as an assistant, including four years as a successful coordinator. He came up with a plan and knew exactly how to implement it. The results are already showing. Better execution. Less penalties. Everyone goes 100% in every game. That’s what Ryan Bowles wanted. It’s something he’s visualized for years.

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