Will Josh Allen Take Beals Over the Top?

With great gameplay (both in fiction and in reality) comes great expectations. You could argue that no team comes into the 2022 season with higher outside expectations than the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo has come close to the Super Bowl in the past two years and honestly, it Not Josh Allen Wrong they weren’t there last season.

However, he will be the main catalyst for this team’s hopes of achieving the title push. This team can add anyone they want but at the end of the day, they’ll go as Allen goes. Early in his career and one of the best midfielders on the planet, we must have all the confidence in the world for Allen.

The directors of Fantasia are also hoping that Allen can carry a lot of weight on his shoulders.

Will Josh Allen host another fantasy season of Top QB? (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

We know that Allen-to-Stefon Diggs The connection is white hot and the status of the latter as a marginal choice for the first round shows that. Gabi Davis ADP fluctuates depending on your fantasy platform, but for the most part, we’re all on board making the leap. Isaiah Mackenzie He finished the year in the drafting scope and Dawson Knox It is the consensus of the top 10 narrow end. And we didn’t even mention the back domain.

If all these players were to reach their peak fantasy And the The Bills are going to the Super Bowl…Allen has to be special. I think it could be. We saw him as that player already.

He’s my favorite choice for the best player this season.

Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

There is always some level of “Super Bowl hangover” concerns, especially with a team like the Rams that looked like that truly Enjoy their celebrations after the match.

Jokes aside, the rams have the kind of culture and veteran infrastructure to keep the train on the tracks. Nobody expects a complete regression. It would just be a challenge to navigate some of the changing waters. This list is weaker in certain regions and the loss of famous players like Andrew Whitworth, von Miller And the Odell Beckham She leaves behind large shoes to fill. The Rams have a few inside options to move on and we can never rule them out from the mid-season movement but the truth is that they didn’t win the Super Bowl last year without these guys mentioned above.

The only way this train can really go is if something goes wrong Matthew Stafford. There is a possibility that worrying about his elbow this season will be futile. It’s not a new injury, Stafford has played through pain before and McVeigh is known to be a bit dramatic with his media reporting. But if that’s something to worry about – no one can blame you if you see a midfield player compared to an old shooter leaving you unsettled – there is ground in the Rams that hasn’t been there before.

We should not expect or expect the rams to perish. We really don’t have a reason to worry about Stafford, who is going to have a great first season with L.A. and could do even better in his debut, heading into week one. brow focuses on him all season.

Derek Henry, Tennessee Titans

While a few teams have undergone an identity shift in the off-season, the Giants have essentially doubled their capabilities. Derek Henry-central identity.

The only other star-level talent in this offensive skill location collection was AJ Brown. Brown was shipped to Philadelphia. Henry has had a salary bump this off season. The two state of the nodes are clearly not the same, but they still indicate where the team is most comfortable allocating resources.

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Henry arrives in 2022 at an interesting inflection point in his career. I have endured a lot of Mileage in recent years And nothing the Titans are doing in this off-season indicates that they plan to loosen up. It was clear that the version of Henry we had when he came back from injury in last year’s qualifiers was nowhere near the peak of her form. If he goes straight back to the top level in his play and continues to survive throughout the year, Attack on Titan will be in good shape. If not, Brown’s loss will be felt even more because this passing game is not equipped to withstand the team.

Henry’s play this year will determine the fate of this AFC contender – and countless fantasy teams.

Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers

I’m not convinced the Panthers will be close to any competitor this year but let’s be honest – either way, we’re all interested in seeing Christian McCaffrey Play again.

For starters, any time the paranormal talent returns after a long layoff, I’ll keep watching. McCaffrey is a unique player in the NFL, a real win that only he will be able to bring back and work at the peak of his power. We’ll always fear Lucy pulling off football with his health, but it would be unbelievable if he stayed there for an entire season. Not to mention, he would legitimately win fantasy leagues on his own.

McCaffrey will also play a big role in Baker Mayfield Career rehabilitation round. Made by CMC Sam Darnold Life is easier when there was last year. There is no doubt that he would do the same for Mayfield. The first overall pick who got a chance in the second act when his career opener didn’t crash and the burn should be a bigger story. McCaffrey’s command of the offensive would be beneficial if it were to end in success.

Travis Kelsey, Mayors of Kansas City

Patrick Mahomes He’d be the easiest candidate for presidents but Travis Kelsey He is the only passer in Chiefs whose both projects play a ton and has a history with quarterback.

Kelsey was one of the dynamic, if not the most dynamic, players at a position in the history of the league. However, he’s about to turn 33 this season and he wasn’t as prolific from start to finish last year as we used to be. With the addition of some receivers this off-season, it’s worth wondering how it will roll out this year.

I could see Kelce play more of the X-Receiver spot he was on during the 2020 season since no KC receiver profile counts as the legitimate number 1. But he might end up playing more traditional tight shots if the Chiefs see MVS as the future of Speed ​​X and JuJu as a big hole.

Kelce’s resume shows that he can play anywhere along the receiver position. How he integrates into this new look of attack as he takes the next step in his identity transformation will go a long way in dictating how the transition will go.

Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49o

All eyes will be on Tree Lance This season but in fact, whether it’s good or not, the poll will be on Kyle Shanahan.

Love this idea that Shanahan is hedging by bringing him back Jimmy Garoppolo This season you may be able to save the 49ers with a veteran quarterback. News feed: If Lance is bad, it’s up to Shanahan. If he felt the need to hedge, he had already lost the war.

Tre Lance #5 of the San Francisco 49ers and head coach Kyle Shanahan

Will Kyle Shanahan be able to bring out the best in Tree Lance? (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Should lance bottom and prove particle The investment made with Shanahan’s blessing was a bad bet, the coach might not survive such a failure. That’s even with some fairy tale where Garoppolo gets back out there and installs the ship.

So all eyes will be on Shanahan even as we watch Lance’s experiment take place. Personally, I still want to believe that the Cunning Coach will have a completely redesigned and gorgeous attack built around Lance to be rolled out in the first week that leaves most former observers in a daze. We saw a similar story playing with Shanahan and a freshman Robert Griffin III Years ago in Washington.

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Jackson’s contract status alone will consume oxygen, given that a deal is unlikely before the first week. This was the tough deadline Jackson had set for negotiations before he was paused during the season.

His playing on the field should be a great story to watch as well. We seem to have forgotten the dynamic power that Jackson represents as a player. When surrounded by good players, he can lead the attack as a double threat. He’s one of the best pushers in the league.

if I were Rashid Bateman A believer like me, you also feel confident in saying that Jackson is closely related to the best receiving duo he’s ever had in the NFL. Bateman’s ability as a pure X receiver who can open up on all levels is a dimension this crime hasn’t seen in years.

If he hits, Jackson will have his best season since winning the MVP award.

Brandon Staley, Los Angeles Chargers

We have no reason to suspect the shipper’s crime. You can choose the nits in the right tackle position or their lack of deep velocity at wide reception, but this offense should be the top five in the league without much of a stretch. Justin Herbert He can win the best player award, Austin Thank you And boys can bring fancy nicknames home; No doubt there.

The questions just lie how good This team can be all inclusive and for me, that comes down to the head coach. Brandon Staley majored in defense and that was the heavyweight unit in Los Angeles last year. The Staley Defense brand took over the league in 2020, but he didn’t have the people he needed to run the unit in his first year with the Chargers.

After an overhaul, that’s no excuse now.

Staley’s gradual game-management brand will also come into question if chargers seem to be not playing up their potential. It’s too early to say Staley isn’t a head coach of the party and I’m not suggesting that. But someone will do poorly in West Asia, and if they end up becoming the shipper, Staley may be the one to take the bulk of the blame, whether he deserves it or not.

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