Zack Lavigne’s commitment, EuroBasket fears, Dragic theft and other Bullseyes

My significant other and I officially welcomed a new family member on Monday! She is not human.

Winnie is a 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier who weighs 12 pounds, loves tennis balls and will definitely fall asleep on your stomach in a matter of seconds. If you like all things dog related, I will be posting pictures of them on my personal Twitter account sometime soon, which you can find over here.

Also, I’ll probably be streaming here in the next few days in true Dog Dad style, so expect a handful of upcoming intros in the lead to be pup related. I might even come here for some advice!

  • I love a good Zach LaVine appreciation tweet, but maybe we also shouldn’t pretend that’s some kind of cool feat.
  • As we all well know, the bulls put every piece of food into Zach Lavigne’s plate and begged him to eat it. Once he came back from his AFC Champions League injury, and the organization was in full rebuilding mode, they didn’t have any other players who could contribute at a high level. The hope was that either Lauri Markkanen or Wendell Carter Jr. would start. So LaVine’s place on the franchise leaderboard since 2019 is partly due to circumstances, and I almost feel bad he had to take on so much workload for so long.
  • Now, having said that, LaVine still deserved his round of applause because he handled his work the way he did. I remain incredibly impressed with the way he has carried himself since arriving in Chicago, prioritizing his career and policing the bullshit. He might not have previously possessed the status required to successfully claim a trade, but he did not need to smile through all of this organization’s nonsense that extended to the United Center. I mean, this guy paid a fine to an unnamed head coach, sat live on ESPN as chants of “Fire GarPax” rained down from the audience, constantly preaching to the media that everything would be okay. The Bulls still have a long way to go, but he’s proving his commitment to Chicago was worth it.
  • All of which is why LaVine remains the face of the franchise even after a year in which DeMar DeRozan was awarded the All-NBA Honor. Lavigne is the $215.2 million player. LaVine has been here through thick and thin. LaVine has shown steady improvement year after year. I know he might not be considered a true superstar at the moment, but he has an elite skill set and a big market house that could get closer and closer to that level.

“We will play four matches in five days,” Doncic told Eurohoops. “Yesterday we had two matches in 24 hours. Yes this should change for everyone. Everyone is doing the same. Everyone has less rest. It is a problem because of injuries you know. More injuries can happen. Especially since the clubs will not be very happy.”

  • These words came in response to Yvan Fournier’s comments about how he hopes the tournament will look to allow players more rest moving forward. And he has a very good point. The game is jam packed as it gets. The whole thing only spans 18 days and starts with a group role stage of Robin. The qualifying teams then proceed to one elimination round.
  • Each of these games counts as well, so it’s not like players can run at half speed as in a pre-season move (Maybe except for Giannis). Fortunately, injuries (at least to NBA players) have so far been minimal, but Danilo Gallinari’s torn ACL is a reminder of what can happen during competitive overtime play. Let’s hope everyone else involved can head back to the states healthy and ready to start a new year.
  • Speaking of Doncic, the Dallas Mavericks are reportedly debating whether or not to add another veteran guard, According to a longtime NBA report, Mark Stein. The news doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering that they lost Jalen Bronson to the Knicks this summer, but it’s funny to know that Goran Dragic appears to be there to take it. Close friends are the cornerstone of their franchise, many predicting that Dragic would end up in Dallas the past two seasons. But the organization refused to promise him a legitimate role The bulls circled him away.
  • Say it louder to the people in the back!
  • Can the pro crew return these jerseys? The latest striped version was not good.
  • Get healthy guys in time.
  • You have my attention…